What's With All the Aussies?

I've noticed a recent influx of Australians onto this board.

Are you trying to soften us up and infiltrate us so you can take over our country? Will we soon be downing pints of Castlemaine XXXX and chomping on vegemite sandwiches?

What's the deal Aussies?

Or are you really Californians trying to find a way into Canada but too embarrassed to admit you're American?
I think Aussies are great
toro.... i think you can seek NATO to stop them.... but please tell them not to use nuclear since Aussies are kindness....
I'll prove to you that I'm Aussie through and through.......

Australian's all let us rejoice
for we are young and free
with golden soil and wealth for toil
our home is girt (who knows what the F#@k girt means???) by sea

Our land abounds in nature's gifts
of beauty, rich and rare
in history's page, let every stage
advance Australia fair!

With joyful strains (or strengths, I'm not quite sure), then let us sing

There ya go, the whole Aussie national anthem, minus the second verse cos NO Australian knows it, not even our PM!

No but seriously.....are there that many of us here? Theres me and Joey......anyone else? But, if you dont want us here......then fiiiiiiiine, I'll just pack up my things.....and......and.......I'll LEAVE! But I'm warning you Toro, you're gonna miss me and you know it!!!

Ohh and ps: I HATE vegemite.....I'd rather gnaw off my left arm than touch the stuff...but xxxx is gooood stuff!!
is it true that you guys hate Fosters and sell it to those gulible Pommies?

I know you drink Coopers and VB's(which taste like dingo pish).....nah Australia's a beaut of a country, I dont know why any aussie would wanna stay in the uk like my do, if I was them, I'd just explore Oz

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