For my Health

Now it has been fun, but since I came back from field exercise last week I haven't felt well. So I have decided to cut back on my output for this forum here. I will leave all politic issues to everyone else.

Just to note I am socialist, and I am Anti-Iraq war and a Canadian soldier.

However, I will stay and enjoy discussing History topics, Sports, Topics and other topics until I am back at 100% where I will be back in action.
Aww, hope you're doing ok Jers
I am feeling okay. But not 100% so I am not going to touch Politics on this forum just yet.
Hi Jersay- Im a Newbie here, so I havent really got into the no mans land yet- sounds like it can be a bit exhausting. I am a history buff myself..... although I find it always ends up leading into politics because so much of current events depends on history. anyway, will be looking forward to chatting with you and everyone here.
Well hello and welcome to Canadian Content.

I am actually trying to get a degree in History which isn't so bad because it shows like you pointed out how not much has changed over the years. Geography is also like that as well.

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