Jersay's Hand

Jersay told us he injured his hand, but he didn't say how and he didnt want to go to the doctor, so Im mighty suspicious that there is a good story here.... but in case Jersay's story is boring, how about we all come up with a good story for him.... You first Haggis--or Zoofer-- or Sassy or db....
Its boring.
Ok, Jersay maybe we can get some good stories here for you to tell the hot chicks in the bar....
I think he punched somebody.
The truth is Jersay borrowed my electric staple gun and shot himself in the hand six times. Unlike me, I only took two shots to forhead before I decided to unclog the chamber by pointing the staple gun away from me-poor Jersay had to be hit six times before he learned his lesson. On a positive note if you don't mind the staples in the forhead (and the magnets from the fridge jumping you) it's a cheap face lift.
Quote: Originally Posted by darkbeaver

I think he punched somebody.

I can't see it.
I think he bit his knuckles trying to keep from screaming at somebody here.
These are prettyy good funny stories. But far from the truth.

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