Is it just me or do you see it to.

Okay now my vision isn't the best-okay I'm damn near blind. Here's my problem the pages seem to be slightly askew. I seem to have to tilt my head to right because the pages seem to slant this way. Am I alone or can anyone else notice this.
Oh, the oddity of it all!

Why, my pages' slants require me to tilt to the left!

I always read that way..ever since I lost the sight of my left eye Definitely no pun involved,either. I automatically move the page to catch whatever light source there is.
Ha, ha but seriously am I going bonkers? It's like the computer screen is 10 degrees right. It's freaky.
Maybe you had better get an eye exam. Better to know if there's a problem,right?
I think Missile you give good advice. I'll leave the sharp knives alone for today.
seems pretty level to me, but I am pretty much blind in one eye too (thanks to a messed up contact lens that I still can't afford to replace)
Try propping up one side of your monitor with something, or maybe sawing an inch off of 2 legs of your chair??
I dunno, just trying to help
I'm going blind but you made me laugh about it mabudon.
Can't you rotate the monitor, or reposition the screen?
Now that you mention it, it does seem to tilt a little to the right.
I went back and forth between this forum and another page that had a box in it - and I can definitely tell the difference.

It's as thought the picture inside the frame is crooked, just a bit.

Thank you Uncle, perhaps hiring beings want to communicate with just us?
My monitor is at least 7 years old,

but I can make the picture tilt any way I want it to. I'm sure most monitors have this feature............No?.......
Since I showed up the place has tilted right!
Zoofer, you cured me. The pages look normal and well balanceddd opps tilting to the rightttt agiannnnn.
MY screen is flashing with wild ziggly shapes
And its talking to me..
MMMMM... It tastes good tooo....
Zowie willlllllddddddd......
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