Harrod's owner wants to be part of a clock when he dies.

Harrod's owner Mohammed Al Fayed says that when he dies, he wants his mummified body to be the hour hand of a clock on the roof of the store -

Mummy Fayed to be clock

HARRODS owner Mohammed Fayed wants to be mummified when he dies and made into a giant CLOCK.

The 77-year-old tycoon has drawn up plans to have his embalmed body made into the hour hand of the massive timepiece on the roof of his Knightsbridge store.

Fayed had already set his heart on building a mausoleum on the roof to house his tomb inside a glass pyramid. Now he intends to build a rotunda on top of that to house the elaborate clock.

Fayed’s artistic director Bill Mitchell said yesterday: “This project is certainly a lot of fun for us.

“Becoming the hour hand of moving clock would be his last grand gesture. I think he was very tickled by the idea of becoming a timepiece.

“He’s planning on being mummified and attached to a rotor so he can slowly inch around the clock and be used to tell the time for years to come.

“Yes, it sounds like a mad idea but he’s a showman and loves this sort of thing.”

Mr Mitchell said Fayed aimed to make his multi-million-Pound tomb a tourist attraction.

He said: “He’s always wanted to build a mausoleum above Harrods and allow visitors to see his body — just like Lenin.”

Egyptian-born Fayed has collected dozens of statues of ancient Egyptians and sphinxes to decorate columns around the entrance to his resting place.

He constructed an elaborate mausoleum for son Dodi after his death in the 1997 car crash that killed Princess Diana.


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