Crazed Nazis stomp fluffy white kittens! Watch video:

Haggis McBagpipe
Ha ha ha. Welcome to the lecture room.

I am going to remind the lot of you of something important that has been a bit lost in the scuffle: You are friends on this forum. Please keep it in mind whenever you post a response. Don't say anything to anybody on this forum that you would not say to a friend.

To our Americans: You are presumably on this forum because you like Canadians or Canada. We love our country, just as you love yours. It isn't right to slam our country. Slam the politics, don't slam our people.

To our Canadians: We have good American friends living in this house. It isn't right to slam their country. Slam the politics, don't slam their people.

To our Euros: Oh never mind, you're the best behaved of the lot!

When someone posts a personal attack, remember that it only means one thing: he or she has run out of legitimate arguments. Consider that you have won. Walk awa or continue arguing in a reasonable manner. Remember, if you respond to a personal attack because 'you had to', it reflects as poorly on you as on the person who made the attack.

I'm not going to ban people. I am only asking ONE THING of everybody here: We're all friends. Please, don't get so nasty with your friends.
I think not
Does that include the resident rodents?
Darn! I wanted to see the video
Haggis McBagpipe
Yes, it sure does, it includes every single motley one of you!

Here's the deal: Anybody who wants to make a personal attack on anybody else can PM their rabid insult to the Insult-O-Matica Department where such insults will be duly processed. The PM address for the Insult-O-Matica Dept is, by an amazing coincidence, my PM.

<edited to add, tsk MIssile! >
Haggis, you keep roping me in for further devilish retribution....

It was all because I missed you so much- I, in my attention seeking way knew you would come back if I was a naughty little boy....
I like black cats tho
Haggis McBagpipe
I'm going to make the motley lot of you sign something, so stay tuned. . . .
What kind of watches were on the video? Not those expensive Rolex models,I hope. Far better to stick with the good utiliterian ones like the Timex and the Cardinal. Remember only a few of the posters can actually afford a luxury watch!
Haggis McBagpipe
If we are all such good friends why can't I get any of those friendly sassy blondes into my boudoir to view my etchings?
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by zoofer

If we are all such good friends why can't I get any of those friendly sassy blondes into my boudoir to view my etchings?

Well, I have it on the highest authority that you are in great demand with women everywhere, Zoofie. Perhaps they think you are playing hard to get.
Because this board is run amok with Red Heads Zoofer. You shouldn't be so picky, picky.

On a side note Windsor, where I live, has two out of control Coyote packs or is that dens? In todays news it was report that cats have been going missing on mass. It was also reported that a cow had half it's tail chewed off by the Coyotes. Maybe it wasn't the Nazis after all.

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