The Battle of Good v.s. Evil Continues In Hollywood.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that video games, tv shows, and movies, usually predict things to come.
Maybee the good people in powerfull positions are trying to tell us something.
While the bad are trying to convey there message of mass destructon and lies.

Someone ask me to prove it.
Er...prove it?
I'v never hated AND loved someone's signature as much as yours orpheus.

Pick a catagory?

Video Games
TV shows
I think not

Title: Jaws

Prove a great white shark will eat us all up.
Does this have to be a current movie? And I've never actually managed to watch all of Jaws without falling asleep...=D If it needs to be current then do Memoirs of a Geisha.
Okay my bad, I forgot no one on this board likes to humour people.

Media that warned us of September the 11th.

Red Alert 2, Electronic Arts
X-Files: Fight the Future, Fox
The Seige, Fox
I think not
And what did Jaws do? :P
It did what the U.S. has bean doing for a hundred years, JAWS gave us one more reason to stay in our homes and don't ask any questions.
I think not
The US chews up good looking blondes by the beach?
I thought that was Australia...
its evil vs evil

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