Anyone been on jury duty before?

I haven't been on a jury but was called for jury selection a year or so ago. I thought it was going to be an interview in some small room to weed out those with biases etc. Lo and behold we're put into the courtroom and they pull in a guy in his 60's, put him in the box, and start reading him charges in front of 50 or so of us. Aggravated sexual assault and bunch of other related charges, including drugging his victims. It was surreal. I was sitting there thinking, "man, this guy's in a ton of sh!t." I was also thinking "man, I feel like having a smoke - I guess it wouldn't go over too well if I excused myself right about now". Everyone there, from the judge to lawyers to court clerk to accused to us, were all pawns to the system. Very structured.

I'm sure some of you are lawyers and go through this all the time. It's very weird, and interesting, for those who don't.

Anyone have jury stories to tell?
Yepper, I got called for jury duty about 6-7 years ago and I DIDN'T WANNA DO IT.

But I went. There was a room full of people, and the accused sitting with his lawyers. He was charged with sexual assault and unlawful confinement and............jay walking or something else.

They called us up one at a time and asked us to look at the defendant.
Some folks his lawyers asked a question or two, some were just allowed to walk by. My turn came and I stared at the guilty bastard and sort of grimmaced, like I just slipped in doggy doo. They excused me..........

I know it's our duty to go if called and serve if selected......and I was PREPARED to send that ****head to prison for 10 to 20 cause I just KNOW he did it . Believe his lawyers sensed that

Guy behind me did the same thing and got selected..........go figure.

PS: He was found guilty and got 6 years. He was truly a nasty piece of work.
Oldnugly, I noticed the accused lawyer in our case wouldn't accept anyone that remotely looked like a threat, e.g. all older woman were definitely rejected. There's also a theory that they'll reject anyone who work in fields where they make judgements about people, like banking, social workers etc. Did you have to hand in a card with that information before getting there?

I have a buddy who didn't want to when he was called. He went to the courthouse and spoke to someone. He told them he had no time. They told him he had no choice. He then told them he was biased in criminal cases. They scratched him off the list.
I was called for jury last year...
Then they exempted me..
Not sure why.....
No body could call me a threat, biased, judgemental, or difficult...guess they have other criteria..

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