How was your St. Paddies Day?



Over at my wife's friends...a real Irish gentleman was there to boot.

God bless the Irish!
My St. Patrick's Day was somewhat boring, to be honest; I did purchase a new cellular phone, though, so that much was fun. I only wore green for about three hours, heh; the shirt was uncomfortable, so it was shed in lieu of something nicer in quite short order.
""Rarely is the question asked: is our children learning?" — HE The Hon. George Bush "

It's come to this?
I find that quote funny.

He's talking about education, then in affront to grammar, he says

"Is our children learning?" Geez. Get a grip, Mr. Prez.

I know what you mean....

Good fun with the Irishman today. The accent, would have loved it.
Assuming you like Irish accents...
Nothing wrong with an Irish accent. ^_^

To be honest, I find most accents sexy. lol.
It's not the sex, Five. The humour...that's what gets us through!
Humour is fine! But sexy is better. O_O
I don't celebrate St Patrick's Day because I'm not Irish.

I also don't celebrate American Independence Day, Bastille Day, ANZAC Day or Chinese New Year.

I only celebrate St George's Day on 23rd April.
yes it was fun
yes its humour that helps
also a very musical heritage
celtic music is great-
irish, scottish, even the stuff from the continent ie brittany and galicia is interesting
and a certain " lightness"
i think its true -- that theres more happiness to go around for the irish than say blackleaf"s bitter type
i think its true
It's actually quite good when people celebrate St Patrick's Day.

St Patrick was an Englishman, so all these Irishmen and Americans and Canadians (most of whom have no Paddy blood in them) are celebrating the life of an Englishman.
i have no probelm with that

It's about time you bowed down to your masters.
Well, my St. Pat's day went well ... being 1/4 Irish m'self, seemed the Luck'o the clan was upon me. My truck started, didn't have to crawl under the beast once and get my green sweater oily, the sun was shining, was at the off-leash zone by the ocean and it wasn't even windy, my dog got to chase crows, I had a serious nap in the afternoon ... all in all, a great St. Pat's day.
I missed it

Completely forgot about it. Went into the local bakery for some "good stuff" and everyone was wearing little green shamrocks, green elves on the walls, green chocolate on the cookies.

The light came on

We usta head to a pub in Ottawa and drink green beer till we puked

Gettin old
I think not
I got wasted. I needed it.
I have Irish ancestors, the choice was transportation to the new world or the gallows, some disagreement about the registration papers on a horse.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackleaf


It's about time you bowed down to your masters.

Not a drop of the olde English blood in me, matey...

I bow to noone, but while YOU"RE down there, kiss the floor!!!
It was TERRIBLE. I was sick. Poor me. Boo hoo.
Johnny Utah
It was okay, at the Bar they didn't serve green beer this year because they were worried of being sued incase someone got sick from drinking green beer.
Another reason why St Patrick's Day annoys me is that not only do people with no connections with Ireland whatsoever celebrate it, but there's so much green around that it looks like a lot of people have sneezed everywhere.
the irish are generally well liked
unlike well........
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by oldnugly

Completely forgot about it. Went into the local bakery for some "good stuff" and everyone was wearing little green shamrocks, green elves on the walls, green chocolate on the cookies.

The light came on

You did better than I. I saw all the green, all the shamrocks, etc., and it STILL didn't sink in. I was preoccupied that day. I sure don't know how they could celebrate St. Paddy's Day without my assistance, but it seems as though they muddled through.

the irish are generally well liked
unlike well........

Unlike Canadians or Americans?
23rd April - St George's Day.
Missing a trick?
Published 23-Mar-2006

Are you planning to make the most of April 23 to drive up turnover in your pub?

The campaign to celebrate St George’s Day on April 23 is well under way with more brewers, pub companies and licensees backing the cause this year than ever before.

Growing support for the campaign means that licensees are realising the commercial advantages of running an event on the day.

While pubs reap the rewards of St Patrick’s Day, it seems that St George has been snubbed and licensees could be missing out on a worthy business opportunity.

Even better for this year is the fact that St George’s Day falls on a Sunday, allowing licensees to make the most of the whole weekend of trading. Why not organise a cockney knees-up, a day of traditional English fare, a quiz night or even a maypole dancing event?

Brewer Charles Wells has estimated that publicans are missing out on over £14m of business if they do not celebrate the day. The brewer, which has been spearheading the campaign, also revealed that half a million extra pints of its Bombardier were sold in April 2004 than in the same month in 2003,thanks to promotion of the saint’s day. Also, in 2004, pub company Mitchells & Butlers saw double-digit growth across its estate, while Punch Taverns reported an increase of five per cent in cask sales during the week.

Sarah McGhie, spokeswoman for Charles Wells, said: “Pub companies and licensees have realised this is a great commercial opportunity. We have seen it grow to be the third busiest day in the pub calendar. Beer drinkers want to go out on April 23 and they are looking for pubs running patriotic events. We are seeing this become as popular as St Patrick’s day.”

The campaign got off to a flying start last month when it received consumer support from national newspaper The Daily Telegraph. The newspaper joined The Publican in partnering Charles Wells to raise awareness of the day by launching a competition for licensees to win a £5,000 party in their pub to celebrate.

The flag of St George has suffered some negative connotations within English society and has had some association with hooliganism and racism in the past. This has inevitably meant that some licensees have been reluctant to get on board and make the most of the day.

However, it really is time for licensees to take the plunge and organise events and promotions to build business and to commemorate being English.

If the Irish can celebrate then why can’t English licensees do the same?

Who was St George?

Very little is actually known about him apart from the legend of St George which shows him as a dragon slayer during medieval times.

He was born in Turkey

He was a Roman soldier who lived in the 3rd century

He was tortured and beheaded in Palestine in AD303 for defending the rights of Christians

He is the patron saint not only of England but of Georgia, Palestine, Portugal, Germany and Greece

April 23 was named as St George’s Day in 1222

He was marked as the official patron saint of England in 1425 after Henry V’s victory at the Battle of Agincourt.

Tips for St George’s Day

Go to (external - login to view) for hints and tips and suggestions on how to celebrate the day

Consider organising a weekend of activity as St George’s Day falls on the weekend

Work with your local newspaper to generate footfall in your pub

Celebrate being English by showing England winning the 1966 football World Cup or the 2003 Rugby World Cup or the 2005 Ashes Series

Hold an English-themed evening with a traditional English food, quiz or music.
I think not
I gotta hand it to you Blackleaf, if I said half the snobby crap you post I would of been spending all day arguing with people, with you however, they either seem to agree Brits are the best thing that ever happened to humanity, or, they are just ignoring you.
We all know Blackleaf is just jealous of every other thing out there that isn't British. These days the Brits have stooped low enough to being jealous of the Irish.
I was at a resort in Puerto Vallarta. They didn't have green beer, they didn't have creme de menthe to make me a grasshopper.... I had to drink something Spanish with green melon in it. It was the worst St Patricks day ever!
Drink four or five of those and it won't matter anymore what they serve you as long as there is booze in it...Great!
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