Should be put an APB out on two missing members?

I fell it's my duty to put out an All Points Bulleton: Has anyone else noticed that Cosmo and Zoofer haven't been seen in a while. Now this could mean nothing, but then again it could be something. Now I hate to spread a rumor but I did hear that a Dashing Gentleman was seen with a Women with a Truck at MacDonalds and said gentleman was using a 2/4 one coupon. Now don't get me wrong I'm not implyin that they have eloped or anything. Has anyone seen Cosmo or Zoofer.
Haggis McBagpipe
Well, I have it on good authority that yes, what seems to be the dynamic duo has been spotted. This eyewitness said the woman was wearing fur and had a vicious small dog that bared its teeth at passersby and everything else, all the while chewing on a truck starter brush. The gentleman was dashing, alright, he was dashing around as fast as his golf shoes would allow, probably because the wind had snatched his twofer coupons up and away. There was also a report of a man wandering around grabbing the twofers and muttering, "I think not! I think not!". Could it be a threesome tryst?

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