What breed of dog are you owned by?

Haggis McBagpipe
That was such a magnificent rant, Dex!

We had a wonderful cat, had him for just shy of twenty years. He would go for walks with us, although was never trained to do it. He would walk right along beside me, and if a dog came along he wouldn't run, he'd just trust us to make it safe for him.

We lived near some woods, so we were able to take some great walks together. When we lived in the city, though, I had to lock him inside when I went anywhere at all, because he basically did a Mary had a Little Lamb thing, he would follow me anywhere (which, in the city, was too dangerous).

He was such a neat old cat, totally trainable, too. In his young years, if he did something wrong, like claw the furniture, I just had to take a certain tone with him. He'd do it one more time to see if that was what I was talking about, and when I took the same tone again, he never did that thing again, ever. He died about eight years ago, and I still miss him.
I think not
Dex that was hilarious, I got coffee all over my keyboard

Oh yes, and cats rule
If I don't get another GSP next time I get a dog.....I think I will get a weimaraner.

Cosmo as soon as I figure out how to transfer photos my pictures to this site I will post a picture of Harley. He weighs 60 pounds is black with a lot of white markings but his head is pure Jack Russel. He looks like a giant black rat, he even has the white whiskers. Handsome this dog is not.

Dexter, I loved your rant. I feel the same way about cats.
Hey Sasslassie, you should just pick up a scanner. They are relatively cheap these days...
Jay wouldn't scanning a sixty pound dog break the scanner?
Dexter Sinister
Further to my pro-dog anti-cat rant of last night:

Here are the $!@$#@#$ cats pretending to like me, but they know their food's behind that door and they think I'm going to give them some any time I go near it. They're wrong.

Useless gits.
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Dexter are you sure there cats, they look more like barn rats.
OMG Dex ... don't know how I missed your rant. Well said!! I'm totally a dog person too.

Yep ... JRs are a delight. We had ours at the off-leash area today. She goes insane chasing crows, which is funny, and joggers, which isn't as funny. We pretty much let her do whatever she likes in life so she's not especially well trained. But not a day passes that she doesn't make us laugh!

I'd lend her to you to solve the cat issue, but if they challenged her, Moche would run and hide. She talks big, but if anything chases her, she's behind her moms in a flash.

Sassy ... I use Photobucket for my pix. www.photobucket.com (external - login to view) It's free and it's easy as pie to use. If you need your pix sized, let me know and I'd be happy to do that for you. You can email them to me, I can size them, and send em back.
Cosmo; I'd love to email you pictures but I would need the forums email address. I work with sensitive information so I am not allowed to down load anything onto a public domain just a personal domain. It sucks. Now back to Jack Russells mine also has a thing about crows he sees one in the yard and off he goes. He is the smartest dog I have ever owned but he is also high-energy. He turns seven in May and I pray he slows down.

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