Where do you hide the bodies?

Yes, yum for the innards and then taxidermy for the rest... then there isn't any smell... also gets rid of those old clothes, flyers and plastic bags as I recycle these for stuffings...Also, as you know, murder is hard to prove without a body, but it is even harder to prove WITH a body that is casually sitting on a patio chair... albeit somewhat quietly...
Zan, I think you have some good ideas... maybe we can partner in our business...... come over to my house, and don't tell anyone you are coming......
Quote: Originally Posted by cortez

I will accept them!!!!!!!!! I am starting a "Commuter Friend" business... Instead of those insipid plastic dolls you sit in the front seat with you to be able to go into a commuter lane on the highway, why not have a real body---these ones fool even the most dedicated cops.....

It's on its way. Alittle ripe though, might attract flies.

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