neutered male from Canadian Tire ads gone

Hank C
Canadian Tire dumps know-it-all neighbour ads

He was the country's least favourite neighbour, but Canadians won't have to see him anymore. Canadian Tire has dumped the smug star of their TV commercials and his perky wife.

For eight years, Ted the Canadian Tire Guy dominated the airwaves doling out invaluable advice to his friends and neighbours on everything from wiper blades without hinges to the perfect winter tires.

But, despite wanting being known as the man with a solution to every problem, he simply became known as a know-it-all.

"Very annoying," one man told CTV News.

"Sort of boring, they are sort of annoying after a while," said another.

Actor Ted Simonett played the mild mannered husband, and actress Gloria Slade played his red-headed wife.

"He had this neatly trim beard, he had this smug attitude, he had an irritating tone of voice," Globe and Mail TV Columnist John Doyle told CTV News. "In many ways though, I think to a lot of Canadian men he represented this sort of new neutered male figure."

Doyle ran a survey asking his readers to rank the most annoying people on TV. Canadian Tire's Ted topped the list.

"Some people saw him as a sort of a symbol of rampant wussyness among Canadian males, that's why he really irritated people," Doyle said.

After years of being parodied, mocked, and turned into the poster boy for the new softer, Canadian man, Canadian Tire pulled the plug on the ads. The news became public as the retailer unveiled its new spring ad campaign earlier this week.

Canadian Tire said the couple's "demo-mercials" were effective, but market research showed viewers were starting to grow tired of them.

"It was time for something new, something fresh, something different, and maybe something a little more light hearted," Canadian Tire's Lisa Gibson told CTV News.

So, Ted and his wife are being replaced by a series of no name couples who will use a more humourous, less in your face, sales approach.

The new campaign will debut during Saturday night's edition of Hockey Night in Canada.

One of the new commercials shows a couple eyeing a number of products in their neighbour's backyard. As the couple imagines the possibilities for their own garden, Canadian Tire signs pop up in different parts of the yard showing the different aisles where the products are.

The new ads are being produced by the ad firm Taxi, which took over Canadian Tire's ad account last year from Doner Canada.

While many viewers will be relieved that Ted won't be on their screens anymore, others will mourn his passing, simply because they enjoyed making fun of him.
Hank C

"Some people saw him as a sort of a symbol of rampant wussyness among Canadian males, that's why he really irritated people," Doyle said.

Their new admen seem to be even more "wussy" than the old bearded wonder & he could have just changed his shirt,shaved off the beard and continued
They were tpp perfect and what really pissed me off was that I knew that I could never get that air mattress back in the bag, EVER. That's why I resented them so much.
Lynette Jennings and her "straight talk" irks me too.

The actual most annoying person on TV is Ben Mulroney. The oiliest,greasiest,most self serving phoney ever..of course,this is just my opinion
You are not alone Missile...
I don't get it (which is not unusual)....

I thought Canadians liked perfect.

Now you guys say perfect was too perfect?

All righty then....
Haggis McBagpipe
They're nuts, they should have chosen Zoofer to be the new guy. 'Course it would have put a whole new spin on things, and Can Tire would have had to expand their golf section, and start selling twofers.
I think Haggis and myself would make great spokes--women for Crappy Tire. I have a great deal of knowledge of their products, well exempting Automotive, electrical, tool section, kitchen wares, cleaning supplies. Said1 the air mattress joke cracked me up. Missile I agree with you Ben Mulrony makes my skin crawl. He should be playing a role in the Sopranos.
Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by Sassylassie

... Ben Mulrony makes my skin crawl.

Yeah, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I laughed rather immoderately when his father sued the government for loss of reputation over the Airbus affair. What reputation was that, I wondered?
Am I the only one who noticed that the size of the Mulroonys' heads are abnormaly large? Just like Harpers, I wonder if they are genetic hybreds.
Ifn ah cooda got close t'him he wooda most sertainly been a neutered....Condescending, know- it- all twit; butt I seldom grace their door avec mon presence anyhoo.

THREE TIMES IN A ROW..............
THREE........they advertised specials in their flyers. None there when I arrived shortly after store opening on the first day of sale. This is after they spent probably over a mill. expanding their store to suck us in.

And WallyWorld right across the road. They gotta have confidence or be simple, each er both.

I can buy auto parts at auto parts stores (cost a wee bit more), fishin stuff at Wally's or local bait guy, everything else somewhere else; so here's the big send off for CTC.

They have always had a don't give a **** attitude, so g'day.....enjoy.

Whew........that felt good

Hi Old Nugly

Can't do that in California - they have to hand out vouchers guaranteeing same stock, sale price when new stock arrives.

No cheating come ons like that....

Take a water pistol with bad perfume next time it happens - let it fly all over the creep! :P
The moment I enter Crappy Tire my eyes start to burn and swell shut and I have trouble breathing. It must be hell working there with all the different chemical smells being emited by their products.
Dear Sassy

Achoo to you!

When I read your post I felt a sneeze coming on in sympathy with you.... but because I am jazzed from Starbucks' Espresso Macchiato (I get drunk on them)...I thought I would find the Sneeze website and share a laugh with you...because I am also a member of the "odd" club (tested now). :P

The guy makes me happy when I am sad. The link is to some of his archives...I hope you have a laff too. And no sneezes. (external - login to view)
That guy probably had his tools wall-mounted, charted, numbered, catalogued and cross-indexed to recipe cards. I have a pile or two of junk. I can't find a tape measure or phillips screwdriver when I need one, and it's always my wife's fault. Even if I do find my 6-in-1 screwdriver it's always missing the bit I need. How in effin hell am I going to find a wrench that seconds as a flashlit tire pump when I one?

Oh ya? I always went looking for missing steak knives in the work bench drawer in the garage - or lying around on the barbeque out back!!

Fair trade.
Wednesday that was a great link. Cheers.

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