My humorous calls at the call center

Ok, im gonna post this here. if yall want me to start a new thread everytime let me know.

I had a guy call in yesterday he said and I quote " I have a damn porno bomb on my computer, get this **** off my computer!" i mean he said it right off the bat after i got his phone number lol . so i was like um ok sir can you open up IE for me and go to the address bar? hes like "I cant!" me: you cant? " God damn it I cant! its locked up!" but hes like: "there is a message right next to this newdie girl on my screen" I was like ok read me the message " it said: " Give us 100 dollars and we will unlock your computer!" I almost started laughing lol. He claims he did nothing to make this happen.... anyway i feel kinda sorry for the guy but, there was nothing I could do to help him if it was locked. Told him to call his OEM. and laughed about it for a while. crazy ppl lol.

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Haggis McBagpipe
Jeckgo! What an awesome idea for a thread, I am going to enjoy this one. Why not ust keep posting each call in here, but we could rename the thread 'Jeckgo's Crazy Call Center Calls' or something like that. Think of a good subject line and I'll change it, Jeckgo. This is a winner!

A lady called in and said she couldnt connect to the net. ( surprise,surprise) so anyway my training started to kick in and I thought right away it was a no sync issue so.... I started to troubleshoot before I asked all the basic questions I should have ( cables connected etc...) I went to deep into the problem too fast. anyway back to the story... I did a line test and it turned out she did have no sync but I COULDNT figure out why! I was getting kinda frustrated. Then she just starts randomly laughing! I was like wtf! lol.... so anyway after I calmed her down she said "Get ready to call me stupid" and I said dont worry I have heard it all lol so she tells me her DSL cord is unpulgged so I was like ok... thats typical user mistake but then she tells me its unplggued cuz her daughters were using it as a JUMP ROPE! lol.. I had to mute her really quick cuz i just busted out laughing.... anyways thats my funny story for the day.
greetings Haggis,

I would just keep posting them here, as the thread isn't getting out of hand, and it is nice to keep them together.

how about that?
Haggis McBagpipe
Perfect. These are killing me, by the way. Lucky you have that mute button.
I love these stories! Sometimes we can be constantly amazed at humans and their stupidity/ignorance. Your stories remind of when I was working as a medical receptionist. Oy! The stories. My personal favourite was when I was answering phones and booking appointments. The gentleman who phoned said he wanted to see the doctor. Sure, no problem I said. What was it concerning? Well he said. He was out hunting this morning and tripped on something and fell onto a stick which "ripped his sac open." Okay, he literally used those words and I sure could have used a mute button myself! We got him in ASAP. He was remarkably jovial about the whole thing fortunately and laughing himself. Very funny. Keep it up with the stories, I love it.

I'm just thinking about the itch you get after stitches have been in for some time, and the skin's healing...

but down there, in that warm, moist climate... scrotal sutures make me cringe witha degree of empathy.
mute = my friend

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