Tiger danger to Canada

Doesn't anyone else find it a concern that there are ten thousand pet tigers in the United States which are released into the wild when they are too big to feed? Should we be concentrating on tiger proof fences along our border?
www.mcgillreport.org/tigers.htm (external - login to view)

We could always send the tigers to Blackleaf. He is always finding exotic animals in England. It is interesting, as well as a bit depressing, to learn that "pet tigers" outnumber those in the wild.
It doesn't worry me one bit There's too many hunters in the USA who'd love to have a tiger skin rug.
I am very concerned about this problem, Cortez.

I haven't slept for weeks, I've been so worried.
Eureka!! Roy & Seigfreid are the answer to this problem. They love tigers[but aren't too fond of beavers]
I have to agree with #juan that there is the sad realization of the dangers of tiger extinction in this world. I have to admit however, that I was selfishly more concerned with my own extinction!!!!!!!!!. Having been attacked by a tiger at one of those pathetic drive through safari parks- and the tiger bit through the window frame cracking the entire windshield- I have no desire to meet them as I am strolling through town. I mean, for jeepers sakes, they just had to evacuate one from someone's apartment in New Jersey!!!!!!!!!

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