Plato's Love Theory

We started out as a full circle and when we starved to be like the gods,they punished us and struck us right down dead center in half. Since then, we spend the rest of our lives wandering and searching the earth for our other half. When we find our other half, the circle is complete again and we are whole.

i just want to share this with you guys because it is so beautiful.
Plato is one of my favorite classical writers. Though too many people based there beliefs on him too long and his writings ended up slowing down the rational thought of the 17th centry. Though you can not denny he helped spark the enlightenment early on. So....
i know, expectly this theory of his, i love this one, who else do??? i love because it expressed the desire of the human for love..omg~~love it!!cannot describe my feeling toward it..who else have same feeling as me?

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