Diversity Flows

I think not
Diversity flows through students' poems

By Maribel Soto, age 10

Being different is a wonderful thing . . .
Just as a garden is filled with many different flowers,
The world is filled with many different people.
It should not matter what color we are,
We are still beautiful flowers.
When we are put together,
We make a beautiful bouquet.
This bouquet will bloom and blossom,
As long as there is love and happiness.
When there is anger and hate,
Then the petals wilt and fall off.
So collect friends of different colors,
Along your road in life.
Then your bouquet will be fragrant
And everlasting!!

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Wonderful words and thoughts from a child that age - it will all disappear with testosterone and/or adulthood - and yes, I noticed the first name. . . .
I think not
Perhaps we need to listen to children more often than we think we do then.

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