Vandals spray paint obscenities onto 4 sheep.

Yobs' filthy curse on ewe

POLICE are hunting a gang of thugs who sprayed obscenities on four sheep.

Yobs lured the animals with food before daubing foot-high four-letter words on their sides.

Owner Josie Kirby, 55, said they were “severely distressed” when she found them huddled in the corner of their field in East Farndon, Northamptonshire.

Josie, who lives in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, said: “They were severely distressed by the ordeal they went through. Some had wool missing where they were grappled with and held down.

“Whoever did this was well- prepared — and there must have been a few of them.”

Northants police vowed to prosecute the sick pranksters for criminal damage.
Well I for one hope they hunt down these scum sucking pigs and strip them naked and write poetry all over them.
Just remember this ...

When the aliens come, they will treat us like we
treat our pets and farm animals.

Start practicing some more stupid human tricks.
the caracal kid
reminds me of tales from rural canada
of tipping cows, shooting gophers, running over rabbits, feeding antacids to herring gulls....
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackleaf

“Whoever did this was well- prepared — and there must have been a few of them.”

This is just more proof to validate the sheep wars theory....
This could be the work of some out of work[downsized] sheep shearers,protesting the only way they know how. They just didn't have any picket signs handy.
These two escaped before the "Yobs" could finish "daubing" them...

Note aviator; that's my kin they harmed.
I think not
More sheep Jay? Still trying to prove your theory?
It isn't a theory anymore at all. It was never refuted...
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