Roberto Calderoli for Bravest Man alive!


Deep embitterment" was expressed this morning by Hamza Piccardo, the secretary of the Union of Islamic Communities and Organisations in Italy (UCOII), over the gesture made by Minister Roberto Calderoli in deciding to be seen in public wearing a T-shirt with the cartoon sketches that have caused such uproar around the Islamic world, printed on it. "It is sad to have people like this in the Italian government. Carderoli does not appreciate the difference between political provocation and the this sort of absolutely shameful act in a difficult climate like the current one" said Piccardo on Radio Popolare. He added; "the minister does not realise that beyond that which is the sensibility of Moslems is the sensibility of the faithful. He does not appreciate that he is putting the image of Italy, which has already been compromised by the actions of this government, at risk. Her doesn't understand that our exports to Arab countries is being seriously effected and that many of his voters are businessmen that export to those countries." He concluded: "I must say, that we did not expect sensitivity from this minister but we at least hope that he is able to appreciate where the country's bests interests lie." (AGI) -

I don't even friggin know how to reply to this one...