Help! Someone take them away!!!!

My tongue is pink my teeth feel gritty and my stomach is roiling. And yet.....I continue to munch on these fricking cinnamon hearts at my desk

*grumble* stupid Valentines day Candy....

Someone take them before I explode
Haggis McBagpipe
Aiiiiiieeeeee! Damn you Manda, I had completely forgotten about those things. Now. I. Have. To. Have. Them.


I thought you were going to tell us you had been to the dentist!!!
Manda, those candies will crack you teeth. I swear they make those Hearts out of cement.
I want some!

Reaches for cinnamon hearts.

Damn it! Too far.
Yes...i did go to the dentist

That was a weird coincidence - talking about dentists visits and your cinnamon hearts....

First time I ever ate the those addictive little things, my mother thought my brother had smacked me in the mouth....I let the sympathy go on until she started to give him hell..... then I confessed....

I read your trip to the dentist experience yesterday on the oweee thread....

You are one brave lady...and am sending you a Conquered Fear Award through cyber!

You also get ice cream when you feel the urge....!

Thanks WC...I like mint chocolate chip mixed with cookie dough the manda spoils me too, so I'll probably get it. i admit I was royally pampered when I was sick
Manda - good for you

There's nothing like earning a bit of sympathy when you have the hurts or a fever or something..... Being spoiled is one of the benefits of having a good man around.

That ice cream sounds good.... I like most every kind and try to get through as many flavors as I can in the summer months.... sort of a marathon!
dont you all remember the episode of csi with those wonderful cinnamon hearts and which orifice of the body they came out of........I hope, Manda, that this will help wean you off those little candies.
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