"Scream" ghost haunts British Airways plane.

'Scream' haunts BA jet

Chief Reporter

A BRITISH Airways crew are being spooked by a ghost on their jumbo.

The phantom has appeared on the jet ever since a pilot died while sleeping on board during a flight.

The hooded spectre is said to look like the masked killer in the horror movie Scream. Cabin crew have spotted it several times near the door to the flight deck on the jet — call sign G-CIVH.

The reports surfaced on a web-site used by BA crews. A terrified purser, who saw the ghost last week, said: “It sent shivers down my spine.” An air steward added: “It looks just like the hooded figure in Scream.” The pilot, a first officer, was believed to have had a heart attack in his bunk on a flight from London to Australia.

But some colleagues have accused ghost witnesses of having “too much alcohol the night before”.

A BA spokeswoman joked: “Some people enjoy our in-flight service so much that they never want to leave the aircraft.”

I think not
I hope this spook has a visa.
Somebody was watching a horror movie the night before getting on the plain.
I'm scared enough of flying as it is.

With ghosts on the plane, it's even worse.
I think not
I dunno Blackleaf, maybe a sexy ghost can sway you. :P
Well, yeah. If it was the ghost of a beautiful woman it wouldn't be too bad.

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