Dogs welcome evening

Dogs welcome evening at German eatery, small children not

BERLIN (AFP) - A German restaurant has drawn protests and plaudits for refusing to give a dinner reservation to a mother who wanted to bring her two small children.

Dogs would be welcome, it said, but "here, children are not allowed in the evening."

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My kind of place! I hate having kids in nice restaurants!! Ok ... go ahead ... I expect parents to leap on me from all sides. But it's true. When I fork over that kind of money for a nice dinner, the last thing I want is a screaming child ruining it!

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I'm not a parent. I don't mind well behaved children at nice restaurants, but I can't stand it when parents let their kids throw a fit while they just sit there... At the very least, they need to take the child outside until they calm down. Or to MacDonalds. Or home.
Haggis McBagpipe
If the kids are well-behaved then sure, I have no problem with them in restaurants. Well-behaved kids seem to be a rare commodity these days, though.

Whatever happened to teaching kids how to behave in public? Why has it gone by the wayside? Who can blame restaurant owners for not wanting their restaurant demolished by little monsters, and their customers annoyed as well?

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