by Robert Davidson

you've got to make the break
they always say
don't remain alone - leave home
rub up against the world a bit
real life is just outside

but should I get involved with you
you'd only take me into you
and I'd find I was not me any more
only alone am I myself
my own thoughts, my own inclinations,
not a fumbling composite of my own and your desire

the modern world's a juggernaut
designed to crush
I can hear the crunch of wheels -
constant warfare and those terror bombs
such fragmentation and despair
where even God is like an ostrich
hiding his head from all horrible things

I'm afraid to move outside myself -
where every step is a stumble
outside in the crowd, I fear I am as nothing,
my self lost - like straw in a whirlpool

I am afraid of the outside -
alone, my mind turns on itself
my eyes look inward for what they have to see
my staircase I fill with ivy
and viscious rose-boughs make it quite impassable
I want no companion but my own shadow

I am afraid of the outside -
alone I have such splendid moments
but I remain the chrysalis out of which never bursts
a radiant butterfly

Copyright 2006

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I'm not sure if you want our opinions on your works, but here goes: You're very good I have felt somewhat similar thoughts at times myself. But,I am only staying inside today because it is minus 18 outside.
RobertDavidson ...An Ode to Agoraphobia - well done!!!

I actually felt like snugging back into my bed and hiding under the pillow.... :P

How about a thread with more of your poems. Don't worry about your URL - we can always find you on Google....if you make sure they know you.

Nothing is secret from the Great God Google any more.... would love to read more of your writing though.

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