Phase 1 Complete

I think not
Well we're finally done, after three long years of gathering information on our two countries we will be ready to begin the estimated 4 hour documentary film on US/Canadian relations.

For those of you who are recent to Canadian Content, I am involved in a non profit organization that financially assists Canadian and American undergraduate students. For more info you can check out my profile and go to the website.

It is by far the most aggressive attempt to enable our people to understand what unites and what divides us and more importantly, to truely know what makes each other tick. We have included everything from History, Economics, Social Issues, Laws, Forms of Government and perhaps most importantly what makes both of us "unique" in this corner of the world. The script is ready, the directors have been hired along with the production company and we begin filming in a town near you this summer

This research has made me understand not only our neighbors to the North, but Americans also.

We are expecting the documentary to be on sale by middle or late 2007.
WOW !!

That's great ITN !!
I think not
Thanks Jim, I am actually rather proud of myself *pats self on back* :P

There has never been anything remotely filmed of what we are about to do.

We have Virginia on the list by the way, get Makers Mark ready :P

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