$2000 and a failed test later...

The Gunslinger
Just a quick blurb about this beforehand. I live in rural Alberta and I commute to college every day. So needless to say, my vehichle is my life. It's a 1994 GMC Jimmy. My work uniform, my books, clothes, I just about live in there.

So Monday I go out to start it, and the engine turns over but it won't start. No problem, it was a little cold last night, I'll give it an hour, I'll just have to skip first class. And so I do.

I check it an hour later. Still nothing. I then proceed to gather an army of wreches and have a go at the engine. An hour later I finally give up unable to determine what the problem is. So I phone the towtruck and tell him to take it to the garage.

He comes, and hauls her away. I patiently wait by the phone for a call. The phone rings.
"Hi, we got your Jimmy and we found the problem."
"Great! What is it?"
"It's your fuel injection, not enough fuel is getting to your engine."
Ouch. "Okay."
"Ya, it'll cost around $1400 get get it fixed."
I sigh. "Ya, just get it done."
I almost hang up the phone and I remember that I could probably use new shocks.
"Do you guys want to redo the shocks too?"
"Sure! Can do."
Once more I go to hang up the phone when I realize I'm only a few hundred km from a service.
"And would you mind giving her a service while it's there?"

I hang up the phone, trapped in my house, without my vehichle. When I have an idea. I don't know whether my parents listed me as an occasional driver for my old vehichle, a GMC 1983 S-10. I phone, he's on his lunch, he'll call back later. He does call back, and tells me that I can indeed drive the S-10.

Tuesday. I go to school, do my thing and come home. Awaiting me at home is a message on my answering machine. "Hi, it's Rob. listen, while we redoing the shocks, we noticed that your Jimmy needs some new brakes too. Give us a call back if you want us to do them. And so I do. Between work and school, I don't have time to redo my brakes...

Wednesday rolls around. While walking around school I notice my professor. He says hi.
"So, you all set for class?"
I laugh. "I haven't seen my books since Sunday night."
"So your not ready for the test then?"
I think I went about three shades whiter. "We have a test today?"
I am so screwed.

And I was. I answered a full 1/5 of the exam. In any other course, I could miss half a semester and pull off an easy C. But not in this class, German. Bilingualism isn't, nor will it ever be, one of my strong points. I scape by this course every test with 50's and 60's. And that's only by the grace of God and a large amount of sheer luck. So, my week in a nutshell.
Ali Mahdi
I skipped class once and had a history test I didn't know about, and I got 68% on it. That's good enough for me when not studying.
Ouch that sucks.

Personally I do all my own work on my vehicle (saves a lot of money). Ive missed a few assignments and a quiz, but nothing big due to missing class.
Haggis McBagpipe
Oh whoa, Gunslinger, your story brings to life the old adage, adding insult to injury.

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