Watch your thoughts

Depression, fear, anger, disgust- where are they generated from? They are not generated from our hands, legs, lungs or respiratory tubes. They are generated by our thoughts. In that case, what is a ‘thought’?

Consider this. When we allow words to flow freely, without moving our lips or tongue, thoughts take shape. We cannot think without words and sentences. For the time, being let us keep aside creative artists like musicians and painters who can think with sounds, and colours.

A person starts a business. In the process, he makes a loss. At once, he begins to think that he is unfit to do business, he would be unable to understand the nuances of running a business... these very thoughts within his mind would generate a complex feeling. If the same person, on the other hand, tells himself- “Profit or loss is natural in business ... I gain nothing by just getting upset.”

These thoughts would enable him to face failure in a positive way and lay a foundation to learn from the failure, as he is open to analyze himself. We need to understand the simple matter with respect to the statements we make as follows: “I’m so bored!”, “I am so tired!”, “I feel so ill!”

Avoid using such readymade negative statements. This must be avoided not only while speaking, but also while thinking within oneself. Now what I have been explaining so extensively can be condensed into one word- ‘language.’

To start with, there is no need to control or curb our thoughts; good or bad. Let our thoughts run for a while, taking the natural course.

What is important is to watch our thoughts very carefully; followed by the kind of words we use to express our thoughts. In a way, this is a basic quality required for meditation. Let the awareness be alive to practice this again and again, whenever there is an opportunity.

This will remove the readymade negative language that we normally use. With continuous practice, stimulating and self-motivating thinking would become a part of us in the natural course of time.
Haggis McBagpipe
Dr-lal, this is a cut-and-paste, and you have not given credit to the author.

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