Fish has mark of Allah.

Fish has mark of Allah

An aquatic retailer from Lancashire has sold an Oscar to an Asian customer who claims the fish has the mark of Allah on its flanks.

Tony Walker, the owner of Walker Aquatics in Rossendale, Lancashire, told the Manchester Evening News that a customer came into the shop and pointed out that the fish's pattern showed the Arabic symbol for Allah on one flank and the word Mohammed on the other.

The unnamed man bought the Oscar for a tenner, then bought an aquarium for it for 700.

Walker says he'll honour the man's offer to buy the fish, but told the paper that the fish is probably worth thousands.

He told Channel 4 News: "When he first told me about the pattern on the side of the fish I didn't know whether to believe him or not.

"I did wonder if he was nuts but then he said he was going to buy a 700 tank, so I thought he must be serious.

"The fish is about two years old and we've had it in the shop for about eight weeks.

"It just looked like a normal Oscar to me. I had absolutely no idea what was written on its sides.

"Once the writing was spotted though, we've had lots of people coming into the shop to have a look.

"Everyone seems to agree about the markings. It has caused quite a stir."

The new owner's aquarium isn't mature, so Walker is keeping the fish at the shop until it is ready for the fish.
God works in mysterious ways, why would she pick a pet store in UK?
Too bad i didn't buy it.
The fish has importance as a Christian symbol.
If the message is the medium then this fish may possibly have been intended for a christian. This fish should have a proper Christian home.
Is an oscar big enough for a sandwich?
Was the fish the product of a virgin birth?
Can tatoos be put on fish?
Are there pictures of this fish?
What has the owner called the fish?
Will the fish divert attention from the insulting but funny cartoons?
I'm glade Allah has a sence of humour that he is so weak and sad that he can only talk to his followers by using fish. *rolls his eyes* I can't stand people who think they see the virgin in a cockie or Allah in bushes... It's like do you believe your creator god is so retarded that he is so petty that he puts a message in such away that his "childen" can not possibly understand such a stupid message.

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