So how near is a near-miss?

So how near is a near-miss?
30th January 2006

Close: Aviation experts say this wasn't a near miss

This is the moment horrified on-lookers thought they were about to witness a mid-air collision.

An airbus A300 operating for transport firm DHL appears to be perilously close to a Japan Airlines Boeing 777, prompting fears they were about to crash.

The dramatic scene was captured by Barry Bland as the planes flew over West Ham's Upton Park ground in East London on Saturday (where West Ham United beat Blackburn Rovers 4-2 in the FA Cup, 4th Round).

"I saw the aircraft coming together," Mr Bland is reported to have said.

"They appeared to be on a collision course. From where I was sitting it looked very close."

Trick of perspective

But thankfully it was merely a trick of perspective. The jets were not flying as closely as feared, and the incident wasn't classed as a near-miss where planes must be within three nautical miles of each other horizontally or 1,000ft vertically.

"Distances from the ground can be extremely deceptive, especially in the kind of weather conditions we had this weekend with clear blue skies and bright sunshine," said a spokesman for National Air Traffic Services.
I think not
The photo doesn’t look right. The one plane is missing its other tail wing? No?
That's because the other plane is obscuring it.
I see now....thanks.
I think not
Time for glasses mate? :P

Wouldn't want to be one of the people in the planes.
I have better than 20/20 vision.

This time my depth perception screwed me up...
I think not
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay

I have better than 20/20 vision.

This time my depth perception screwed me up...

You sure mate? Here is someone who needs glasses bad.

Needs glasses (external - login to view)
hehehe, That got passed around the office the other day....
West Ham fans are used to seeing near-misses.
Considering the relative size differences in the two aircraft, they obviously aren't that close.

The A300 is about 54 m long; the 777 is 63 m long, if you measure the picture, you can tell they're not that close.

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