Just one more day

We like to eat sweets, watch movies, gossip with friends. These are topical desires. Now let us look at fundamental desires. Basically there are three desires under this category.

If we were to learn that today would be the last day in our lives, we would pray, “Can we not live for a day more?” This is the first desire.

We also wish that the extra day should be spent happily - this is the second desire. When one attains permanent bliss, no one would wish to die!

The third fundamental desire is to gain as much knowledge as possible during one’s lifetime. This is called hunger for knowledge.

So I say, wishing to gain knowledge, wanting to learn new things, is the third desire.

In Hindu Philosophy, ‘Sat’ means the desire to live, ‘Ananda’ means the desire to be happy, and ‘Chit’ the desire to acquire knowledge.

The Vedas call them together as ‘Sat-Chit-Ananda’.

Sat, Chit and Ananda - are the three desires that we seek, like a diver searching for pearls in deep seas holding his breath!

Not knowing this basic truth, we squander our lives in search of trivialities.

Therefore, the commitment of a spiritual person should be to the fulfillment of the fundamental desire He or she should not get lost in trivial pursuits.
This begs the question: How would you spend your last day of life[assuming you knew for certain that you would die within 24 hours?] I'd max out every credit card I own and will all the goodies to my daughter

While you are at it, buy a case of Glenfiddich and will it to me. I promise to treat it well.
I'll take some stuff too.
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