With food, drinks and merry-making being the high point of every celebration, is the party scene a complete no-no for a diabetic?

Not necessarily. Like all things in life, moderation is the keyword.

It is advisable for everyone to celebrate and make merry without going overboard and a diabetic needs to be a little more careful. While bingeing at parties, a diabetic runs a greater risk of sharply plummetting sugars. A sudden hypo can send one into a coma or spell death. However, one can continue to enjoy without endangering themselves needlessly.

In fact ideally one prepare for such parties a couple of weeks ahead. The whole exercise be actually divided into three phases - pre-party, during the party and post-party.


Get the body slowly used to heightened physical activity, especially if one has been leading a sedentary lifestyle, but will actually deliver the additional benefit of a marginally fitter body and practised jiving. Monitor your sugar, if possible, for a couple of days before the party. Meet your doctor and discuss with him your plans including what you are likely to drink/eat and how much long and hard you are likely to dance. Mention if you have ever had a drinking problem or a tendency for hypos or sudden spurts in glucose levels. Discuss medication, emergency measures for both highs and lows. Get the contact details of accessible emergency help. If you have enough notice, practice gradually increased physical activity so your party session is not a rude shock to your laid-back body.

At the party

Check your sugar before you leave so you have a fair idea of where your medication, drinks, food and dancing can take you. Have a small snack before leaving. Carry any prescribed emergency medication, candy/glucose, emergency number on your person. Have small eats at regular intervals. Dilute or alternate your drinks with water. Make sure there is at least one informed and sober friend. Do not go to the loo alone. In an emergency, your cries for help will be drowned in the noise and most people will ignore calls on their mobiles. Do not drink just before you drive back. Make sure there is still some candy on you when you leave.

After the party

Even family members could easily mistake the semi-comatose state of hypo for a post-party deep slumber. In any case, a small snack before going to bed would be a safe bet if you have had a few drinks and danced through the evening. If you managed all this fine, start planning for the next party. You have nothing to fear. Even if you managed all this fine, donít let parties become habits. You canít have too much of a good thing.