Funnel cake anyone?

I would like to know why my fellow Canadian transplants didn't tell me about funnel cake? I'm a little upset because had I known about it, I could have been enjoying it for the last two years. I feel like those years have been wasted. All this time funnel cake was right under my nose and I didn't even know it.... It's tragic.

I also think the US should export these wonderful doughy, sugary, deep fried pieces of goodness to the rest of the world. I'm sure it's probably swedish or something to begin with, but Americans have made it great. How could Hamas or Al Qaeda hate this country if they knew it gave funnel cake to the world? They couldn't! It's just too good....

BTW, I also love Knotts Berry Farm's rides, but it's probably the funnel cake that will keep me going back.
Canada's Wonderland sells them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Finder

Canada's Wonderland sells them.

Then why didn't anyone in Toronto tell me about this when I lived there? Were you native Torontonians trying to keep it all to yourselves? Don't you have any compassion for a BC girl?

God! This means I could have been eating funnel cake for the last 4 years!!! That's even worse!
But Funnel cakes are not everywhere... I had one the other day soemwhere and it wasn't good at all. It's not that big of a thing here really.
Yeah, I never heard of it in Toronto...Well, if you ever come to southern California, Knott's Berry Farm has DEEEEEEELICIOUS funnel cake.
Funny you say that I've been there a few times. But about 8-15 years ago. I usta go on car trips with the parents when I was in my young teens to south and north carolina's and I believe I remember that place too.
Tracy you seem upset that you are missing out on many worldly pleasures because no one told you.

Had you read any of the 3,877 emails I sent you, you not only would have heard of funnel cake but Cabbage and Bully beef pizza as well.

Vegemite cheesecake is another delicacy that comes to mind. Have you ever fantasized about being a golf caddy on sultry Sundays?
any good places in toronto for funnel cake?
Cabbage and Bully beef pizza?! Vegemite cheesecake? Eeeeewwww! Sounds gross Zoof.
the caracal kid
"doughy, sugary, deep fried "

yuck, yuck, yuck! i wouldn't even try it!

i will stick to my dulse (smoked with applewood)!
I know it sounds gross, but it's sooooooooooo good. It's like poutine that way.
Haha, I don't even know what funnel cake is.
Actually, Funnel Cake is a Pennsylvania Dutch invention.
(Please note that the PA Dutch are not actually Dutch, they are German and/or Swiss. )


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