Viva la Revolution

Now, i was reading in one of my textbooks, that a revolution is occuring.

I for one think the revolution has never stopped.

The text book was saying that in 2005 and 2006 there will be around about 12 elections in South and middle America, and most will go socialist.

So, what do you think, do you think the revolution is still going strong.


Now, don't worry, i am not going to put on a bandana and go around the bushes screaming revolution.
I think not
As long as its down there, I can care less.

As long as its down there, I can care less.

Agreed, but what would happen, if it took place in Canada, maybe Jack Layton would become so popular that he would become the next Prime Minister,

then America would be surrounded by socialism. Technically, at least, because the NDP is a socialist party.
I think not
If Jack Layton becomes Prime Minister he will give the NDP'ers a reality check of economics 101.
So, ITN is against revolution, so who else is against revolution.

And does someone know where a revolution is taking place at this moment or where a counter-revolution is taking place?

And does anyone know any famous revolutionaries;

I know of many, but the one that strikes me the most is a 21-year-old called Fred Hampton who said these famous words;

"You can jailed the revolutionary but you can't jail the revoltution, you can kill the revolutionary but you can't kill the revolution."

Saidly, he himself was executed while he slept.

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