Meningitis Scare

Well, this is a story about me when I was a lot younger. When i was a baby, about six months old my parents got supicious that I was sick because I always laughed and giggled when I was six-months old.

They phoned the family doctor and he told them to head to Montreal General. There we rushed past the people in the waiting room and they found out that I had meningitis the most deadly kind you could get.

Therefore, for the next two weeks i was in the hospital all by myself because my father had government work to do, and my mom had to take care of my baby sister.

So, they got me this stuffed doggy toy called Ken with big fluffy ears, and that stayed with me for my stay at the hospital.

I still have the little guy in my room at the back of my closet because I think he is a good-luck charm for me. He saved my life, or that's what i believe.
It is great to hear your story!Can you tell us why you think Ken is a good-luck charm for you?
Well, I think he is a good luck charm for me because, he was the only one there for me at the hospital.

And, I don't know. I guess that's why.
Can Ken bungy jump

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