Yoo hoo where are you?

I was anxiously waiting for GreenGreta's next post to keep us all in a twizzle....

She must have stayed up all night with the election results.

Greta - don't let a day go by without one of your great posts...... :P
Shucks, no one has ever created a thread just for me .

K, gimme some time to come up with something good.

For the record, I did not vote, I wanted to, I'm registered but meh. This is how I see voting in Canada:

I am at a car dealership and I desperately need a car right this second. There are three cars available (not three I can afford, three altogether, I'm in redneck ville or something :P), one is all scratched up, and the engine is in fifteen pieces in the shop. One has its entire front end smashed in, and the seats were sold for scrap material six years ago. The last one isn't bad, looks ok, open the hood, it's got stuff under it, hmmm. Inside, clean, BUT, it has no brakes, no stereo, or no steering.

I'll walk.

For the record, you will pretty rarely see me complain about the government.
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