My name is Greta and I was an alcoholic.

Ok, maybe not a total alcoholic but I did have problems. The blackouts, lost time, waking up in gutters (true story). There was even a story that yours truly has stripped on a pool table, but we don't believe that one.

I stopped drinking by myself (meaning without help). I don't say it was easy, and I have made several drunken mistakes. I also say now that I'm a social drinker and can have only a couple. But it isn't true. I'm lucky, the only person I drink with wouldn't let me get behind the wheel if she had to kill me to stop it. But I dont' keep booze around, my kids don't see me drunk and I have no problems whatsoever walking BY the bar.

Ok, well that's that. My point of this thread is to hear the other stories. I want to know who else has had problems and their solutions to them, working or not. I'd also like to hear the "Dumbest thing I ever did drunk" story. The "Dumbest thing I ever did stoned" story too.

The dumbest thing I ever did drunk was somehow convince my boyfriend I was sober enough to drive my two year old son around with no license. Nice dent in his car though, idiot. YAY ME.
Dear Dear Green Greta

That took guts girl....I hope you get some great responses here...
and you do it with wonderful humor too!

I used to drink. I could have wine or beer depending upon the circumstances and leave them at one or two. I started drinking Scotch and absolutely loved it. Started with soda...then rocks...then neat. Found out I missed it if I didn't have my two three drinks....when I got home....
A bad day was a five scotch day.

I had a habit. I didn't drive when I had booze - because I adore having transportation and didn't want to lose it. I knew I had a bad habit...but wasn't certain I wanted to give it up either.

One day a group of friends were talking and someone looked me in the eye and said...."you come apart after a few - you know?" I realized that a drunk woman isn't a pretty sight....and it somehow stuck with me.... pride in my appearance...or insecurity...or something.... but it made me quit. Every time I had a drink I wondered if I would continue to the embarrassing place....

It wasn't worth it. Now I have Perrier with a twist so I don't come off as one of those "sober souls" who spoil everyone's fun... it looks like a drink and I stay sober.... and "together". Guess what I still have as much fun.
Thanks WC. You should also know that I have stood in front of a class of new drivers and told the same drunk driving story... Maybe I can help someone.

Hey, what took your friends so long to say something eh? And would you have listened sooner, you think? Hey, you did an awesome job...

It is what I thought when she said it. "Why didn't you say something?" I whined.

She again looked directly into my eyes and said. "Because you weren't ready to listen. "

I remember saying how messy I got having a good time, spending hours getting my hair and outfit just right - and still coming home like I'd been playing soccer. I already knew why but was starting
to find fault with the pattern. My husband was always too kind
to say anything and he made sure I was always safe getting home.

If it hadn't been for a few who cared I would probably still be having my "scotch" days.

It's a fine line between enabling the social drinking and that kind of easy pattern, to having an addiction. I'm lucky I found out without too much damage done. I have no problem with those lucky people who can enjoy alcohol and have a great time ... but when you see a gal who has had too much to drink...take a good look at her... men seem to be able to get away with it...but women don't do well at being drunk...

Good for you passing along your story to the drivers - now that's playing with lives...

I hope some other people will contribute - there must be some good stories out there....
I think not
I'm getting addicted to Colpy's, Wednesday Child's and Jimmoyer's posts

WOW - thanks - high praise indeed!
I was addicted to Coca-Cola.

I used to drink 3L a day.

Good for you for identifying it and working to solve it.
Congrats, Greta! Not an easy path.

I'll be sober (had to count on my fingers here) 19 years in May. I did do the whole AA thing. Tried enough times on my own to realize that having "just one glass of wine with dinner" resulted in me waking up in a strange bed/town/country with no idea of how I got there. A friend of mine dragged me to a meeting and I spent the first half dozen years heavily involved in AA.

Being a drunk was fun at times ... lots of good memories and heard lots of stories about things I have no memory of. Unfortunately the flip side got more play than the fun side and I crashed and burned.

Took me a while to realize I could have just as much fun sober ... without all the unpleasant lapses in judgement to follow me around after each episode! Once I realized that partying was a state of mind, not a state of intoxication, I ended up having way more fun with life. And remembering it all.

For my 2nd AA birthday, I bought myself a Harley. Later I went skydiving, white water rafting ... and a host of other adrenaline junkie activities. Used to believe that "if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room".

Thankfully I've kinda settled into a pretty much straight john life. I really enjoy where I'm at and don't miss the booze very often. Now and then, on a really bad day (or even sometimes for no reason at all) I get the yen for a nice vodka or scotch (with ya on that on WC!) straight up, but so far haven't given in to the temptation. And even after this many years, still dream about drinking occasionally. Weird.

There's few things as unattractive as a totally juiced human being. To a point it's fun to go out and people watch, but when I see people totally blotto, it loses all its charm. Don't have a whole lot of patience for that these days. Specially the ones who get all mushy and affectionate once they get smashed. Ack ... git offa me!!

Seems that social drinkers managed to get a lucky gene. Some of us missed out. *shrug* Luck 'o the draw. Social drinkers never bother me. I can be around them and never want a drink. In general terms of health, I figure people would be better off with a joint than a drink, but it's none of my business what others do.

It is interesting to hear that there are a few of us here that have given up the joy juice. And good to hear that people have pulled their lives together. I always love hearing those stories. I lost my brother to herion OD, so it's always good to hear the opposite.
The only thing I can think of that I've been addicted to is cigarettes. I quit 27 years ago, and it was no problem except for the weight gain. Doctors lie and tell you the average weight gain is about 9 lbs. from quitting smoking. How about 30?

I woke up one AM about 30 years ago with something doubtfull in my bed. I looked outside seen a guy playing with his kids and caught a glimpse of myself. I tossed the drink I had poured through all the fun stuff around the place down the toilet.

It took me about 4 years before I quit noticing I had passed a pub.

Looking back now I can't understand why I craved it so much!
Point is, things get easier in that department.
Good posts - lots of stories here

One thing which really hurt after I stopped drinking is I found out I wasn't as good a dancer as I thought I was...

Lord I think I must have looked the fool to the sober folk.

Isn't important any more but I found out a lot of things about myself after I stopped hiding out in booze.
Addictions.....let's see:

1. Cigarettes. Damn. I've has 4 since October 1. I was off them for 5 years , but couldn't stay away. Fighting the good fight though.

2. I used to love illegal pharmaceudicals. Got too old. And too responsible.

3. Alcohol. Wow. Never drank a lot, but was an ******* drunk. Wanted to either f@@k or fight, didn't care much which. Hardly touch the stuff now.

4. Sex. None of your business.

Some good confessionals here, and some tough people.

Edited to say: Thanks ITN, that is high praise indeed. I hope.
Hank C
In the last few year I have become addicted to going to the gym. I have always been in shape, but working out at least 3 times a week has become necessary for me to keep a good heart.

....I had a cousin who looked better than I do but he ended up dying of a heart attack in his 30' just because you are lean doesn't mean you are healthy.
I have to admit and its kind of silly, but I am addicted to hot chocolate.

I have about 2-3 cups a day, one in the morning, one at lunch and one before bed basically.

My parents don't like me havingh so much sugar so I tried to go to tea and stuff, however after I week I ended up sick as a dog, and since I got back on hot chocolate I am fine.

So I guess this is an okay addiction.
I have an "addiction" to PepsiŽ.

Might be the caffeine, eh? But if I don't have like at least one can per day, I feel totally stressed and like I'm gonna lose it. lol

Yup one Pepsi a day is something to be concerned about.... a heavy addiction no doubt is around the corner :P ...


OK - I'm busted., cold, candy, ice cream, served any way.....that's my downfall these days. I keep waiting for science to come up with its benefits....but so far not many!
Quote: Originally Posted by Wednesday's Child


Yup one Pepsi a day is something to be concerned about.... a heavy addiction no doubt is around the corner :P ...


OK - I'm busted., cold, candy, ice cream, served any way.....that's my downfall these days. I keep waiting for science to come up with its benefits....but so far not many!

There was a British study that fed a group of people 100 grams of dark chocolate a day............and found their blood pressure lowered, their "bad" cholesteral was lowered, and that their pancreas handled sugar intake more efficiently.

Chocolate (especially dark chocolate) IS good for you.

Well bless your head....that's the best news I've heard in a long bout of "guilt-ridden orgys" with chocolate....hehe.

I like the really dark chocolate best too...yay!!!

Thanks for making my BP thanks you.... my Pancreas thanks you.... my hips too! WC
I don't quite care for dark chocolate, actually; I prefer mild chocolate. Dark's a bit bitter for my taste. =p

Ahhh that's why I like the dark best.... more people like the sweeter and lighter kind. When you come from a big family you get to figure out little boxes of chocolates.... :P
I think not
What's better than sex? Why Godiva Dark Chocolate of course eh WC? :P

I'll never tell

I wonder....

....if many of us are addicted to internet forums?
You never know.
I'm addicted to PONTIFICATING.

Please HELP ME !!!




I had an immediate visual of the fly with Vincent Price's head on it......hahahaha

The world has gone mad.
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmoyer

I'm addicted to PONTIFICATING.

Please HELP ME !!!




As are we all. :P
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