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I will not type.....

...a word today....I will not type a...... I will not...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wednesday's Child

I will not type.....

...a word today....I will not type a...... I will not...

Ah, it's Monday. Git some chocolate and curl up with the keyboard. Don't deprive us of the wit and wisdom of Wednesday! (Not bad for so early, eh?)
Thanks Cosmo!

Sounds like a fun plan... Yikes it is early for us west coasters... While I am here...

I wish Canada and her people a good day and good day for the future of the country.
I enjoy beer, really enjoy it, and when my split from the ex was new, I wen t out every night that my son wasn't with me. But I only went blotto once in that time frame.

See, I know that over half of my relatives are alcoholics, and live carefully not to become one. If we have the money for a dozen beer for the week, great, and it does both adults the week, if not, shucks, I'm over it.

I havenčt touched any weed hash etc in a decade, it was a decade my last birthday. I had gotten pretty chronic, and my cousin and I split a gram and a quart of whiskey to celebrate my 17th birthday. Good night, therečs no denying that, but when I found out that I was pregnant a week later, I felt horrible, and was fearful that I had harmed my child throughout the whole pregnancy.

I didnčt, the only thing I may have don is made him to smart for my mental health, but the fear was there. After he was born and weaned, I just decided it wasnčt worth it.

But I still declare, beer with homeade cheeseball is definately worth it...if you only have one or two
sorry for the accents, I had my french keyboard on for the last post without realizing
Haven't had a drink in a long time. Used to be a crazy party guy. Get pissed up every Fri. night and find a party, take the guitar, stay all night, or until they threw me out on Sunday.

Started drinking during the week. Yep, just a crazy party guy. Finally I told my wife I thought I should quit. She agreed as she was thinking of leaving and had planned to tell me very soon. I had always "thought" I put my family first, but now had to realize I was a selfish prick; not a bad sort of guy, but a selfish prick. Never missed a day's work or an appointment. Never drank on family trips. Would never drive after just one drink; but.........well, just didn't feel very good about myself.

So I quit. And here's the kicker. I NEVER EVER missed it. I was what would be considered a heavy drinker, maybe just on the verge of alcoholism, and I never missed it Still don't.

But, can't be around it. Can't stand drooling drunks getting in your face and all over ya............. Don't even like social drinkers. Can't stand the smell of booze.......... Don't like loud parties. Can't stand crowds. Inside the idiot there was a tight assed WASP waiting to emerge

Also, one doesn't realize or tries to deny how much money it costs to be a boozer. Never been short of cash (relatively speaking) since I quit. Was always broke before.

Life is good.
Haggis McBagpipe
You know, oldnugly, it's a damn pleasure having you aboard. Yours is an inspiring story for anybody who has thought they'd like to quit but feels that maybe it will be too hard.
Awwwwwww Haggis:

Yer too kind........shucks..........golly;

Thanks, good to be here:

Damn cigarettes. I've smoked since I was 13 almost without break (am now 44). The math isn't good, but I smoke less today than I did when I was a teen (hows that for denial).
I used to have a pretty decent alcohol and cocaine habits. I still drink here and there, but don't touch the other stuff anymore.

My daughter did it for me, I didn't want her to see me all messed up and how am I supposed to tell her not to do it if I was?

I found it difficult at first, mostly because I wasn't ready to settle down and face my life. I did it though, but it was scary at first!
Oh, and chocolate. I'm not a social eater, I'm more of a bindger. But I'm ok with that.
Well I am not addicted to booze. Nor tabaccy. Definitely not to hard work. Not addicted to oil as GW says.

I will have to think about this for awhile. Can't think of a thing.
in the past- the binge drinking of college life
- then cigarettes to get me thru long hours of study
ive successfully quit smoking completely-15 years without a cigarette- and really i dont drink more than say 3 bears a week
BUT in place of that im a coffee junkie ---about 10 cups a day--- im so used to it that i can still sleep-- if go without coffee for more than 12 hours i get a withdrawl headache---
i suppose there are worse habits-- so ive accepted that this will be my only addiction-

kudos to all of you that have been able to kick your unwanted habits
Tough to get rid of a habit.

Work on it get rid of the H and you have abit.

Work somemore get rid of the A and you have a bit.

Really work at it and get rid of the B and you still have it.
I,am addicted to cigaretts and about every seven or eight weeks I,ll get loaded on beer or wine , when I,am drunk I don,t smoke. About three times a week I,ll have some good pot in the evening. My coffee consumption is sometimes a problem, especially when I,am in the shop where there is always a pot brewing.
Haggis McBagpipe
You know, I've gotta say it: what an awesome group of people you are, what good company.

. . . now, if we could just get Zoofer off the nursing bra addiction. . . . .
I been watching this thread to see what people would say to you. I was wondering if you've enjoyed what people wrote back to you in this thread?

Get ready, because you are not going to enjoy this. I don't have any "fun" drinking story, nothing funny for you to laugh at, just the sober reality:

You said,

Quote: Originally Posted by GreenGreta

The dumbest thing I ever did drunk was somehow convince my boyfriend I was sober enough to drive my two year old son around with no license.

Convincing your boyfriend you were sober enough to drive wasn't the dumbest thing you ever did - driving drunk with your 2 year old son with you in the car was. Actually it wasn't dumb; it was reckless and selfish.

But driving drunk with your son in the car wasn't just it, then you write:

Quote: Originally Posted by GreenGreta

Nice dent in his car though...

So with your son in the car you got into an accident. Then you write "idiot". No. Not an idiot. Selfish and reckless. If you had killed your son I'd be typing the word "killer". Actually you wouldn't be here at the forum, you'd be in prison, a convicted murderer for killing your son.

I know what your reply to that will be: 'no one got hurt'. Is that what it will take for you to stop drinking? You'll first have to hurt someone or your son. Will you first have to kill someone driving drunk before you get some help?

You've gotten a lot of pats on the backs for having the courage to share your abuses with alcohol on this thread. Well to no ones surprise, I have no pat on the back for you. Just some strong advise. I'll wait to pat you on the back after you get your 1 year chip, your 1 year coin.

Get to AA. Go to a meeting this morning. (external - login to view)

If you choose not to stop drinking, put the phone number to Al-Anon beside your son's bed at night along with 911. If you don't stop drinking, one day he will need both numbers.

Al-Anon is for family and friends of alcholics.

Stop drinking because with the path you're on, there's a high probably your son willl be online one day, in a forum just like this typing:

"The dumbest thing I ever did drunk was somehow convince my friend I was sober enough to drive my two year old son around with no license. Nice dent in my car though. Idiot. YAH ME."

Get some help. Stop trying to convince yourself your not an alcholic because you "did it on your own". Your still drinking, so you've accomplished nothing.

The people at AA are there for a reason, for people like you; the type of person they use to be.
Thankfully the AA people I encountered when I sobered up had a bit better sense of humour or I'd still be nipping!

While you're correct in spirit, Ashley, your approach would benefit from a ... well ... lighter touch! Go see Haggis for some peole skills lessons maybe??
I have concluded Ash could use the love of a strong Irishman.
Do you golf Asley?
Would you like to learn?
Dr. Zee ... your tireless efforts to spread love and joy are nothing short of saintly! Good luck in your endeavours!
I'm checking on tickets to the opera. Also on renting a tux.

Gonna practice the Tennessee waltz first thing tomorrow.

Gonna finish reading Vanity Fair by Willie Thackeray too.
Haggis McBagpipe
Zoofer is an IRISHMAN! That explains a lot, it explains the delightful sense of humour, the mischievousness, and the absolutely incorrigible nature.

Ashley, beware. Once Zoofer zooms in on you, you'll be eating a McDonald's Twofer with him in no time flat. He's just that way.

Mind you, I'm guessing there's going to be very little left of Zoofer by the end of that day, though. We'll still be finding bits of him weeks later.
Alcohol... It's very bad actually. I drink all of the time and me being only 19 I know it's not good for me and messing up my body, but it's my stress relief (I know that's not a good enough reason). It's also something I picked up when I was a little kid and as i've gotten older it's gotten worse.
I dont think I have any addictions...ohh except procrastinating, I dont think I'll ever kick that habit!

As for the drinking, I only drink socially, I only ever touch alcohol once a week but I tend to drink a fair bit when I do go out, so is that binge drinking? I guess so. I used to get really annoyed with people who thought they couldnt have fun at a bar or club without being drunk, now I realise I'm kinda one of them But I'm only 19, I think its normal at my age, I'll grow out of it eventually but for now, I dont think its doing me any harm.
Here I sit with a cold beer trying to squash a blinding hangover. Congrats to Greta and the others that have been able to get control of their addictions. I wake up everyday and say this is the day I quit drinking. I have been able to go two days at the most. It starts slow from social drinker to absolute blotto in less than two weeks. My friends are mostly social drinkers and all tolerate my drinking to a fault. I really don't like what I have become and I am not even sure how to (or if I am willing ) change this.
My most embarassing moment was telling my four boys that I had lost my drivers license by getting caught drinking and driving. I learned my lesson and will not get behind the wheel of a car even with one drink.
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