This sceptred isle.

Some photos of Britain at her most beautiful, taken by Daily Mail readers.

This is Meldon Reservoir taken by Darren Galpin.


Pitlochry in Perthshire, taken by John Gallagher.


Folkestone in Kent, taken by Kerry King.

Bluebells in Dartmoor, taken by Brian Bradshaw.

Bigbury-on-Sea in Devon, taken by Darren Galpin.

River Lea in Ware, Hertfordshire, taken by Melvyn Cousins.

Lindisfarne (or Holy Island) in North-East England, taken by Peter Oliver.

Hythe beach in Kent, taken by Kerry King.

The Lake District's Coniston Water, taken by Christine Boak.

Loch Tay in Perthshire, taken by Trevor Nicklette.

Virginia Waters in Surrey, taken by Stu Dillon.

West Sussex woodland, taken by Michael Barker.
Very beautiful photos...many of the scenes could be from Canada Thats the one thing we have in abundance[photo ops]
Well, you have much bigger mountains than we do - and rivers, and lakes, and even bigger trees. And you have a population only half the size of ours, in a country about 20 times bigger, so you a less crowded.

We're only small, but apparently despite Britain's smallness, I've heard people say we have a greater variety in our scenery than almost every other country in the world.
the caracal kid
very pretty.

yes, the diversity from the beaches of cornwall to the scottish highlands is fanstastic.

unite, celtica, unite! .... or remember the famous words "if it isn't scottish, its crap".

Great pictures, Blackleaf. Thanks.
My feeling about Britain is that there is history in every inch of her soil, and it is a rich history full of heroes and rogues. Next to my own,it is the best nation on the planet.
Britain's 60 millionth person has just been born. He is called Charles Ray Scott and he was born a few days ago in Warwick, near to Stratford-Upon-Avon where Shakespeare lived. However, some people say the population reached 60 million last year. By 2030, the population is expected to reach 67 million.

Just to show you how crowded that makes Britain, Canada has a land area about 20 times the size of Britain but has a population of only around 33 million - about the same as Britain's population in the 1840s.

By coincidence, Britain is 60 million acres in size - so that means that there is around 1 person pera cre in Britain.
She´s a beuty, that island of yours!
According to the Daily Reciord, Britain's 60 millionth baby was born in Gloucestershire and his name is Declan Tonks.

3 February 2006


He is citizen 60million

By Mark Mcgivern

LITTLE Declan Tonks claimed a place in history when he entered the world - as Britain's 60millionth citizen.

The 9lb 2oz tot was born at 12.04pm on Wednesday. Experts had predicted the UK's population would pass 60 million at midday.

Proud mum Paula, 32, who gave birth by Caesarean section a week early, was unaware of how significant the birth was.

She said: "It's all come as a bit of a shock. It hasn't sunk in just yet because we didn't know anything about this until he was born.

"It is exciting to know he could be even more special."

Paula's husband John, 36, a print worker of Lydney, Gloucestershire, added: "Declan's special to me anyway but this is just fantastic."

The UK's population has grown steadily since the 1970s total of 50million, thanks to better living standards and medical advances.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the last decade has seen a rapid rise because of net immigration - more people coming into the country than leaving it.

Statistician and European population expert Professor Michael Nantwich calculated that Britain's population would reach 60million at midday on Wednesday.

Shop assistant Paula gave birth four minutes later at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. The birth is thought to be the closest in the UK to midday.

Prof Nantwich, of Bordeaux University in France, said death rates in the UK are falling by around one per cent a year.

He added: "That represents 50,000 to 100,0000 people who might, in earlier decades, have lost their lives because diet, preventive health care or medical techniques weren't so sophisticated.

"The average age in Britain has risen in the last few years to 38 or 39, which means an increasingly ageing population being supported by an ever-smaller working population.

"It is difficult to say how many people is too many for Britain."

The Office for National Statistics predict the UK's population will rise by another 10million in 60 years.

Latest figures for Scotland show that births are at their highest level for six years, indicating that the population total is on the rise after years of decline.

Unfortunately, there are no photos of the baby.
I haven't gotten to England or Wales to see my family since I was four, even though they've come to see us.. makes me want to go back now
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