What's you pet's name?

I think not
So do you have a pet? I've had pets pretty much all my life, except for the time I was touring Europe for a couple of years.

I used to have a rooster! by the name of Pecker I kept him out in the backyard when I lived in Greece, he was cool, until he started "pecking" everything and had to send him away, away at that time meant to a village, where I'm sure he ended being a meal at some point

I've had a dog by the name of Tickles! Actually my ex g/f named him that. When she decided she didn't want him anymore, I took him, he was the greatest dog, got run over by a truck

I also had a cat in Greece, I named her "Psi" (Greek for hey!, lol) she wasn't really domesticated, she would live outside, I built a little "cat house" for her in the backyard. She would always run up to me when I came home. After a while I started touring Europe and before heading back home to the New York, I stopped by the house in Greece (it was my grandmothers), Psi, was still there, waiting for me! She died 3 days later

Upon my return to New York I got a little kitten, and named her Yankee, lol, I've had her for years, she doesn't like anyone except me! Muahaha! She even growls at the mailman and the UPS guy, lol or anyone else that gets within 100 feet of the house.

Anyobdy else?
I have a German Short Haired Pointer named Rumour. I picked her up from a breeder who was looking to retire her. Wonderful dog, 8 years old, and full of life.

If I haven't cleaned up her mess outside, and it is cold outside, and her mess freezes, guess who eats those frozen treats in the back yard....Rumour does!

She did have a pic on the net from her previous owner. If it is still there I will post it.

I used to have a Ferret I named Hezbollah, because she was a little terrorist when she was young. She was the cutest thing in the world….Even though she would pee where her heart desired, and would wreck stuff, I loved her to pieces. She died of heart failure on us, and I miss her dearly.
Rumour is her nick name so to speak...she is the one on the right, and her "estate" name was "we be talking" hence her nick name....

She is a very regal girl too....

The other dog was the sire of her last litter.

I have a beagle, Jay and a cat, Lucy. I used to have a guinea pig that another cat I used have loved to play with. He didn't mind,nothing really phased him. I guess being snake food and surviving that toughens you up a bit.
I had a little scotty called Jinx. her original owners had her for eight years, but when she escaped from the backyard and got caught by the pound they would not pay the fee for her.

So she was one week away from being put down, and I came in with my sister looking for a cat, but she bounced, or you could say wiggled right up to me and we got her instead.

So she lived with us for seven years before she past away a year ago.
A 7 pound Yorkie male York named Pepsi
I had a cat we called Sparky the Wonder Plug. It had a habit of chewing on power cords.
muffin girl
My rabbit's name is Bugs, I know pretty lame........
J'ai deux chats; ils s'apellent « Felix » et « Tangerine ».
I have a cat. His name is Boyz.
Jay ... what a beautiful dog!!!

Our girl's name is Moche (pronounced Mow-CHAY) ... named after an ancient Peruvian tribe of people. 'Nuff pics of her around this place already!
I have a 2 Pitbull Terrier's named "Jackle" and "Jayda" also a cat named "PING"
My sister's pitbull was named Salvador Doggy ... I thought that was clever. He is a total sweetie ... but hubby got custody so I don't get pix of him anymore.
I've had waaaayy too many pets over the years.

When I was a kid, we had 9 cats all named after the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.

I still have the cat Akasha, and we've found two more in the Medieval Times barn, which we have named Jezzabel, and Gremlin.... Gremlin being a particularly descriptive name since she isn't fully domesticated, and likes to swat and anything that may offend her.... which is most everything.... but will snuggle on my tummy when it pleases her.

We also have a michevious little beagle puppy named Mr. Brown (watched resevoir dogs a few too many times).
I have a hairless terrier named Radar. He's different from all my other pets because he generally doesn't like people other than me (and his babysitter) and he is flamboyantly gay which has led his babysitter to nickname him Gay-dar.
muffin girl
I have four Cats, Bart and Elmo, sisters from different litters...yep girls, Bart doesn't like anyone really but her fur mommy, and sometimes her fur Daddy. Elmo is a bit neurotic, doesn't like bieng picked up, but will demand attention by jumping on you and head butting...especially when having a pee.



Squidget, who thinks that she's still a kitten, and wants everybody to love her

And my Kramer boy...my familiar
The attitude of Bart without agility. My poor guy is almost 9 and has an underdevelopped cerebellum, so his balance is off, and his depth perception. He came to us from Alberta last year, when it was learned that he was kept in a locked shed for 2 months with 3 other cats. He's much happier now;

There's a kitten on my lap with Kramer in the above pic...he doesn't hav mutant ears or anything
This is Pyewacket

Some might remember the name from the movie, "Bell, Book, and Candle". When we first got her we weren't sure if we should let ourselves get too attatched to her because she has this strange habit; She chases dogs. So far the dogs have considered a fight not worth the bother. When we moved to Nanaimo, the first thing she did was to whip every cat in the neighborhood. With the family she has never bared a claw.

the caracal kid
of claws and teeth....

oh the stories i could tell..... but i won't

My pets names are Electra, Calista, and Sappho.
One Lab named L.P.
I sell my pet's name.

You know, kind of like how corporations buy the naming rights to stadia, i.e. The Molson Center, GM Place, etc.

I call up businesses and I say "I'm buying a dog. Would like me to name my dog after your business? I'll do it for $1,000."

Later, when guests come over, I introduce them to my new dog.

"This is my new puppy, 'Joe's Garage and Muffler Shop.' "

What about the children?
I think not
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay

What about the children?

Hey Jay, want to make a deal?
My cats name is Khan. This summer he ate most of the baby bunnies
off the property. I love Khan but I like bunnies too,I think when Khan
goes to his reward I will get an herbivorous pet, perhaps a white lab
I live in a remote area and the cat is a great companion and the country is good for him but I,am constantly made aware of the damage both cats and dogs do to the smaller critters on the land, my cat kills everyday whether he,s hungry or not. He shares the kill with me as is common with many cats, he comes through the window announcing the meals with cat noises, drops the rodent or bird at my feet and waits for a pat. I,ve not yet eaten anything he got yet but if things get any worse I may have to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay

What about the children?


I actually did that once.

A month before my son was born, on April 2, I sent out an email to several of my friends that my wife had given birth the day before at 11:55am, and we've named him "Morgan Stanley", after Morgan Stanley gave $20,000 to do so.

With the exception of one, all my friends responded "Congratulations." Only one of my friends got it.
Haggis McBagpipe
We've had a Mr. Rosewater and a Howard W. Campell Jr., and anybody who has read Vonnegut will recognize those name.s

My favourite cat was Tar-Baby, we had him for just shy of twenty year. Now we have our dog, Angus No-Fangus (he was missing a fang when we adopted him). He just goes by Angus, except on formal occasions.
We always have a zoo - 9 animals at the present:

Sugar Foot

Nine pets, yikes. I have a dog named "Harley Davidson". My husband had just retired and was nagging me for a Harley. So when he called me in a panic from another province wanting to adopt this abandoned puppy I said yes we could if I could name him. When he called me later from the Hotel and asked what name I picked out I said "Honey you now have a "Harley". He is part Lab and Jack Russell, and lord is he hyper. He looks like a lab with a rat's head.
I once had a cat named Fresca. He was an unnuetered male. He ran away after he discovered I named him after a soft drink.
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