Homeless Shelter serving beer

Hmm, I'll have to re-think that idea of sending ITN out with you on a hunting trip so he can increase his manliness quotient.
[quote="Toro"]Tequila is what you drink after you've run out of absolutely everything else you've been drinking, and you're so blasted that you'd do things you'd never do sober in your right mind - like dancing in the town square fountain or going home with me at the end of the evening for instance.[/quote

There is an art to drinking it.....slowly! Drinking tequila, when you have already finished everything else, or when already blasted, is a sure way to end up in the loo........ -ing up your innards. Many people have had bad experiences, because they do toooooo much tooooo fast.
Just remember to relax,lick ,shoot, then bite, and wait, paitently, for the buzz. It usally starts frrom the legs up. Repeat in about a hour.

If you do it right it's more of a high than a drunk.
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Hmm, I'll have to re-think that idea of sending ITN out with you on a hunting trip so he can increase his manliness quotient.

It would do him some good!!

New York City folks though....

You can take the lad out of NYC, but you can't take the NYC out of the lad.
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mmmm ... tequila! Used to even eat the worm!

Tsk, tsk, Cosmo tequila does not have a worm in it, that is Mezcal.

Similar drink but Tequila is made a bit differently

Details smetails ... they all got me to the same place. "Instant *******, just add booze" comes to mind.
Are we still on topic? Or who cares???

I don't drink any more because I don't do well with liquor....after spending hours doing makeup and hair....I deteriorate rapidly with liquor inside. So I sip Perrier and try to look intellectual....hoping the twist of lime will look sleek....

Only thing I regret about not having liquor in my life is I found out I wasn't a really good dancer....certainly not as good as the liquor told me I was....

Sobriety hasn't improved my dancing either...but now I know the truth!
lol ... na, we seem to have fallen off topic terribly.

Back to topic ... I think trying to squish homelss people into politically correct non-drinking, non-smoking environments. Easy to try to look at habits when we are safely in our homes. Street life has a whole nother set of priorities.
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toronto's homeless have another option - a shelter that serves one beer an hour.

Its like a safe injection site for drug addicts. but for alcoholic homeless people.

The way we have been doing it is to say
"are you an alcoholic? Then no booze where you live"
- how dumb is that? Of course they won't live there, thats why they become homeless.

When an opiate addict goes to de-tox, the one thing they cannot have is opiates. That means doing cold turkey withdrawals, which is why more don't go there to quit.

They try to do a reduction on their own, which fails.... they need a place to go where they can reduce their doseage and then quit, but none of our de-tox centres do that. Its dumb, they treat people like they are dumb animals and then ask why they are not getting better.


I have heard about this idea before somewhere and I think it is a great idea. An entirely new approach to helping these people and I hope it works!.

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