I think traffic cops must get bored out of their minds after a while.
I was booting down a 2 lane highway, properly spaced with perhaps 8 other vehicles ahead of me.

All at once: the lead vehicle made a left hand turn across the oncomming lane thereby blocking access to that lane and providing a distraction. Brakes were on! Holy hell was in my head.

I cut right into the ditch as other cars had cut right onto the sholder, behind the fog line.

The dust cleared and the cop came to my window and asked to see my driver's licence.

I went up one side of him and down the other about his crap driving causing all this problem and suggested we call another cop in to weigh the scene. I told him in a crush like that he could have at least turned on his overheads to perk up the line as he was otherwise un noticable.

We settled on a spat of name calling and I drove my way and he his.

I'm not sure if I was the idiot or not.