Super Tex Mauled by Bees

Reverend Blair
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AJ Foyt was clearing brush at his ranch when he was swarmed by killer bees. He's fine, but in an interview with CBC Radio's As it Happens, he said it was the most scared he'd ever been. This is a man whose lower legs are full of pins from racing crashes.
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Reverend Blair
It's that friggin' ESPN. Here's Super Tex's site. (external - login to view) You can read about it there too.

He must be one tough dude!

I'm allergic, I'd be in big trouble............
Thank ya

Gad, what a horror! I'm allergic, but even if I weren't couldn't imagine.
Reverend Blair
I didn't think AJ was afraid of anything. He's a belligerent idiot, but he's not afraid. For him to admit that in public, it must have been really terrifying.

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