What do you like most about Bush?

I find this amusing:
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Heeeeeeeeeeeeee Donuts!

That was way too funny....
The conductor
On how not one man but two men can destroy the English language so well. Could you imagine when George and Jean had to talk on the phone.
That would of made the Jerky Boys saints.
What I like about George is that he will be done soon.
He can't get re-elected (oops).
Did'nt he win the first election.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by The conductor

What I like about George is that he will be done soon.

That's a pretty darn good reason to like him, I agree.

Conductor, welcome, by the way. This is going to be off-topic, but I'll fix that in a minute: I have often wondered, do hobos still ride the trains or is that pretty much an impossibility these days?

Now to get the question to be on topic, ha ha: Would Bush ride the rods, and would we like him any better for it?
I like his "Good ole boy attitude" and his accent.
His perpetual ability to provide comedic fodder for fifty web sites, late night talk shows, books and calendars- a prominent boost to the entertainment industry-- oh, and his delightfully drunken clumsiness which may one day propel him down the stairs of Air Force One.
Cortez, that was funny. Thanks for the laugh.

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