What do you like most about Bush?

But what does the Social Security program in the United States do?

Exactly what is His Excellency trying to fix?
Hank C

I'm not sure what people mean when they said that the President has been unsuccessful in resolving problems relating to "social security" — I have never heard this issue come up in Canada; what does that mean, exactly?

In the US right now reforms are needed to address social security problems for people about to retire and also younger workers so they can set aside more money for retirement. social security is the largest social program in the US.
It is similar to Canadian Pension Plan.
I see; but in what sense does the program need to be repaired?

Are the pension rates just extremely low, or are some people being denied pension altogether? Now that I know what it means, I would agree that this would be a very serious issue, and that it would need to be repaired as expediently as would be reasonably possible.

...however, is Social Security really the "biggest" social program? Then again, I suppose the United States is considerably less "socialist" than their neighbour to the North.
I think not

Social Security in the United States, is a program of the United States federal government that provides retirement income, health care for the aged, and disability coverage for eligible workers and their dependents.

Despite what you hear, Social Security is not in crisis, to give you an understanding, if the government wants to fix Social Security, they could increase the federal income tax by 0.5% to 1% per year and the problem is solved. That isn't to say it should be the course of action, I am only attempting to give you an understanding of the magnitude.

There are certain things in my opinion that shouldn't be privatized, Social Security being one of them. My main argument for this is if successful investing isn't challenging enough, even for the well-informed, a potential plan to privatize Social Security would turn that responsibility over to novice investors across America. The market will dictate my pension, I say no thanks, when I'm old and gray I want some sort of "social security" and not wondering what the Dow Jones Industrial Average is doing.
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hey isn't this thread about what we like most about Bush. There's a billion threads to debate his policy out there. give the guy a breck.

I like his Laugh.... It has a quility which is just... phrat boyish...

You are right - I'll remove my contribution on SS.
Bawaaah! Now 5par and I will miss out on some good info!

OK back on topic.

I like Bush for what he is not.
He is not a Martin, Cretien or Trudeau!

That alone should endear him to billions of sane normal people.
I like Bush cos' he can ride a horse.
Jo Canadian
Quote: Originally Posted by zoofer

I like Bush cos' he can ride a horse.

So could Ghengis Khan
the caracal kid
he looks natural when depicted with pointy ears and teeth! haha

seriously, what i like best about him is he is a case example of how form surpasses substance. His folksy ways give americana that comforting feeling of "safety", no matter what else may be happening.
I like the look on his face when he's asked a question he can't answer. I almost feel sorry for him. But that look is soooooo comical!
Can you see Mr Dithers with a bod like ..THIS? (external - login to view)
I like his constant stand up comedy act. When him and Rice get togeather its almost vaudville.
I like the way he lies without even realizing it, its actually quite incredible i honestly believe he doesnt realize that practically everything he says is misleading or an outright lie, even when he says he needs to use the bathroom its a lie, incredible stuff.
I love the way he talks, and how he decides to invent new words. For example, "nucular." It's an interesting term, but unfortunately, it doesn't quite exist. Same with "terrist" — someone should speak to the man, seriously.
Haggis McBagpipe
I like the fact that he has no redeeming traits. Makes it easier to despise him.
I love the way his sky blue eyes flash when he is angry.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by Colpy

I love the way his sky blue eyes flash when he is angry.

And his strong manly chest heaving as he spits venom to anything or anyone not agreeing with him.
I think not
I like the way it makes me feel when I dream about smacking the smirk off his face

I'm from PEI....and would give anything to pie him à la Chrètien
Keeps my lips warm....
What I like most about bush is that he,s American, as long as he remains in office he offers great weight to the old sentiment that anyone could aspire to the office of president, it will never again be hard to convince children of this.
What a great question, untill you asked it I was convinced that I actually hated him , after consideration I see that I was wrong and that I really like what he,s doing, I don,t think I could have picked a better destroyer of imperial credability. He really is the silver lining in an enormous dark cloud.
the caracal kid
internationally, he is bringing in a stong move to more socialist democratic thinking and governments because the world can look at him and see how not to do it.
I think not
OK, I admit it, he has caused the largest foaming from the leftists' mouths ever witnessed in history. That alone is a real treat.
The Quality I most admire about G.W.Bush, is simply his intellect.

For it pleases me somewhat to know that our PM, John Howard, actually ISN'T the most useless, brainless clusterf--k Political leader in the world... Thanks 'Dubbya'

but Howard does come VERY close Why else would I want to get out of this place?
I like Bush for the same reason I like Homer...
What do I like most about Bush?

I like his mom.

Why she let her husband run for President, and her son, and her other son run for governor of Florida when she clearly has the smarts in that family........

She makes me think cloning people is a great idea. We could use a bunch more Barbara Bush folk.

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