Corporate Corruption of Science is troubling

K - I thought these topics needed to be in an Off Topic forum, since they are largely off topic in our world, certainly in our media news they are off-topic, despite the wide appeal a scandal about poisening people would have.
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The governmental (NIOSH) budget provides less funding to occupational health and safety each year, while at the same time funds for biomedical research and education are increased.

Conversely, corporate funding of university research has expanded dramatically over the past decades. This funding has grown to more than $2 billion, making US universities more dependent on private commercial funding than ever before.

The extent of corporate-funded science is troubling because industry funding is accompanied by a “substantial manipulation of evidence and data, ultimately designed to maintain favorable conditions for industry, at both the material and ideological levels.”

K - that quote from the title page at the link.
Below it are several articles/links that tell of corporate abuses that we should be aware of, including -

"Epidemiology Abuse: Auto Makers vs Asbestos Liability"

Maximizing Profit, Endangering Health

Feature: Corporate Corruption of Science

"Flouride Poisoning: Hidden Issues"

"Keeping a Toxic Product on the Market"

..and a fan fav :
"Ethyl-leaded Gas, Public Health Disaster" (external - login to view)

Print them out
Take them to your school for debate.
Leave them in public places.
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Reverend Blair
This is a very troubling issue. Some science magazines have reached the point where they won't publish articles by scientists working for some corporations because the data is routinely distorted by those corporations. The worst culprits are in pharmaceutical and GM crops.
Ty Rev - I fear this thread will be just me ranting. This topic seems to do that, lol

There is a lot of other science that has been kept from becoming public knowledge, not just the medical stuff. The Global Warming debate, for eg. This can't be good for the overall advancement of the human race.

The pharmaceutical/medical industry has special publication "rights" that have kept alternative views right out of 'public discourse', and mostly out of professional/academic discourse too.

'You' are simply not allowed to publish medical "advice", because that could lead to serious consequences if people followed it. Unfortunately, many many brilliant doctors and medical researchers have been shut up with this rule, because they have some perfectly sound advice that is not pharmaceutical-based [eg.Dr.s Raymond Rife, Hulda Clarke, Bob Beck, etc.]

The PUBLISHING industry is where the control is. To get a license, they have to agree and abide by the "no medical topics unless they have been approved by the AMA" [medical associations].
And it works - publishers have been taken down one way or another if they attempt to publish an alternative view.
[ Kevin Trudeau is treading the line by not putting the actual cures in his "book of natural cures", pissing off both the public and the medical industry. ]


I think I could trace every one of the modern issues [the kinds of problems we discuss on these forums] back to corporate finagling and devious industrialist's tactics
*homelessness - whats with the minimum sized housing rules?
*global warming - duh![fossil fuels]
*obesity - food industry really does put addictive hunger-causing chemicals in food {MSG is one of them - known to cause heartburn, hunger, and addiction]
*environmental degradation - for industry's benefit
*War[s] in oil-rich lands - to keep oil as the one main energy source

Now I am repeating myself, maybe I will work on a separate thread to trace all our problems to the single entity of Corporate Elitism, but thats a tall order eh. { Panaceanic problem solving is perspicaciousness* defined, as they say downtown. LOL, I am just being silly.

* ya, I looked it up : (external - login to view)

perspicacious -
adj 1: acutely insightful and wise; "much too perspicacious to be taken in by such a spurious argument"

perspicaciousness -
n : intelligence manifested by being astute (as in business dealings)

K - is it ironic they used ' business dealings' as an eg. here?
I don't see a solution that will last.

The only solution I see viable is to inaugurate a culture of conscience.

This culture of disapproval of sinful behavior must get much stronger.

I doubt that the myriad of regulations (which are themselves the cause of Unintended Consequences) will ever accomplish the changes we need.

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