How often does this site go down?

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We'll miss you missile...tell them to hurry up.

ditto . See ya when ya return......( soon , I hope)

I was happy to get my rig back in less than 8 hours after taking it in. And it is working great,too. It sure pays to deal with a small independent computor shop
and look at that, you missed the down time. I usually hope online from work or at the in'laws, so I miss a lot of the server issues. We don't have the internet at home, one of our kids is a total media addict, and I refuse to get cable or internet until I see improvements in school. fighting to pull him off the computer or Tv, is just not a battle I'm willing to fight
Frappuccino Dibs
I concure.

This site does appear to go down more often than a Prostitute with a full diary.

It's quite frustrating and it does stop me coming in here.
It was down or trying to go down last night. Grrrr.
Did I ever pick the right time to watch Dances With Wolves Missed the whole downtime thing again. Most times I logon tho--it seems to take forever to load
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yes well I dealt with dis problem, I calls the re-booter and if she does not answer...well I start yelling.....MOCHE! MOCHE! (cosmos unstable jack russell) Come on moche lets go to the park, come on moche bark! bark!...uh everytime...shortly there after....I gets a call from cosmos

Gotta get rid of that damn dog ... grumble grumble

We are teaching her to hate the dog catcher, tho ... she gets one of her toys and I ask her, "Where's the dog catcher" and she goes berserk shaking the toy. I'll have to get vid of it. All this since we got nabbed by the dog catcher last week.

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