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Hi everyone,
A friend of mine's little rescue dog Jake is a finalist at Discover Dogs which is being held at Earls Court London. There is a seperate X-Factor online comp which is run seperate to the main competition however all the finalists were entered automatically into it.

Hardly any people she knows uses the internet or computers therefore he will probably get hardly any votes If you could help me get him some votes i'd be forever grateful so would Jake! It's not that she wants him to win: there are some fabulous dogs! I'm just worried he won't get many votes and he really deserves some after what he's been through in his life!She's a great person too. He works as a therapy dog with his owner around the childrens cancer hospice in which I work. Therefore any help and support would really be appreciated.

There is a link to the comp which can be found on his website which is: (external - login to view)

Thankyou for reading this
I voted for jake for you.
Thankyou Jay much appreciated xx
Jake's website has gone down so those of you who were still voting through it need to go straight to the kennel club site which is: (external - login to view)

click on discover dogs then x factor I love you all xxxxxxx
How did you find this site jenna?
Hi Jay,
I found it a few weeks ago through a google search as I have a close friend who has just moved to Canada so I thought if we found a friendly site (this one seems great) it would be a way of knowing what each other is up to.

Thanks again for your help xx
Good idea.

Good luck to you both.
Jenna ... what a gorgeous little guy!! Hope you do well.

Huge hugs to you for rescuing Jake. People often don't realize what a hand full these little Jack Russell Terrors can be.

Here are pics of my girl, Moche:


Looking for squirrels!!

Our fur kids look like they could be related! Love the pix on your website. I find it almost impossible to get my girl to sit still for pix.

Welcome to the forum, btw! If you want to know about a great JR forum, PM me and I'll send you the URL.[/img]
My sister's JR had puppies and my mother now has one. I think we've been replaced.
Cool Jammies
Hey I know that one picture, I was up in dat tree, dat moche thought I was a squrriel
Or maybe you really are a squirrel, Peapod.
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

Hey I know that one picture, I was up in dat tree, dat moche thought I was a squrriel

Thats what I was thinking but never wanted to mention it. ha ha
Actually, folks, y'all might think Pea was kidding, but she really WAS up a tree one day. Moche didn't have a clue what to do. Her Moms are not tree climbers and she'd never seen a human do that.

Moche adores Pea ... I have a little movie of us asking her "Where's Auntie P?" and her going bat****. I'll post it here once I figure out how to edit it.

Thanks for the comliment on the jammies. She likes me putting them on, but she bites me when I try to take them off her.

So Jenna, we want more pix of your fur baby!
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