Manda Manda Manda So when are we coming and what do I bring.

We wanna come to PEI for real now. But we want lots of lobsters when we get there. So tell me, when is the best time?

And what would you like from Ontario. We'd drive so there will be lots of room. But of course, I will need room for the goat.

Jo Canadian
Lobsters?!? In PEI? You're best off buying them Between Ontario and Alberta. For some reason they're usually cheaper there. I never understood why, but since when were economists ever wrong........
Jeez Jo, did not know that. Ok, tell me how many to grab on my way in...
Actually Greta if you buy them at the Warf here, it's pretty cheap...little tricks that non-Island-natives like Jo does not know.

Late July is the best time to come here...really beautiful weather, but we have a great festival on Canada day too.

Bring canned soda! I just get a kick out of it.....I'm sure that between now and when we decide you want to come we can figure out what else would be good to bring....Oh, don't forget your advil, as it may come in handy considering there is a liquor store within staggering distance of my house.
Oh, yes don't forget the you think that the goat would want to be in the car, or strapped to the ruff?
The goat rides shotgun, he's very important. I named him Billy. But I don't know why.

Explain the kick from canned soda (pop, if you dont' mind). And I will bring any kind you want, except grape. No grape.
Belch...grape pop?

We only have glass bottles here for pop, plastic bottles and cans are just neat to us. Hey, do you have any greek deli's nearby...I need some kasseri cheese

The goat can come mow the lawn at the you think that he'd want to learn how to waterski? Billy is such an original name
Jo Canadian
Cans are not allowed to be sold on the Island. (Thanks to the bottle company greasing the political wheels some time ago)

Well it's carbonated drinks in cans actually, you'll occasionally see ice tea or lemonade in cans here. Any other can is considered Environmentally unsafe. But personally, the political dicks who used that excuse have never had to walk on the beach with all the broken beer bottles.
Will look into the cheese.

And will definitely tell you the grape pop story some day. But only if you believe in ghosts.
Yep, I do....I'll have to tell you about my purple vomit sometime...that's what grape pop reminds me of
Purple jesus? Too much alcool? I have that same story.

Yup Grade 11.
2 litres of Rocaberry cooler and 6 maximum ice when I was first drunk. Memories....*cue bad music here*

Man I was a bad kid

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