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Hard-Luck Henry
I don't know how far behind with this the UK is, but the curent Doonesbury, with Zonker working in the fast food restaraunt is just too feckin' funny!


Incidentally - the paper I read it in - The Guardian - was reformatted a short while ago; one of the changes they introduced was getting rid of Doonesbury. "Uproar" would be an understatement - it was back within a week.

www.guardian.co.uk/theguardia...573401,00.html (external - login to view)
Reverend Blair
That strip is current, Henry. Today Zonker gets fired for being stoned on the job.

Doonesbury is likely the best political and social commentary on the US today. That seems silly, since it's just a comic strip, but the Guardian was crazy to try and cut it.
Boondocks is coming soon to The Cartoon Network & late at nite,so as not to offend the little tots
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