Canadian Family Trees

After a bit of help really, I've only just found out 2 of my mothers sisters I never knew emmigrated to Canada 30-40 years ago.

I live in the U.K and have looked on the uk genes reunited site and I've found someone looking for my mother but I've yet to recieve a reply from her.

Goggling the name keeps coming up with someone canadian and i'm putting 2 and 2 together ( probably prematurely ) and want to have a fish around some canadian sites while i wait for my reply.

I understand I'm clutching at staws but I'm curious now so any pointers would be greatfully recieved.
One of the best sites..has canadian links (external - login to view) (external - login to view) (external - login to view)
Oh I cannot stand it!!! I am to me with the information you have, I'll help you out, in genealogy circles its called ramdom acts of kindness...not found much in da real world, but plenty abound in genealogy :P
did you ever find anything interesting out about my family pea?
Jo Canadian
This may be slightly off topic, but does anyone want to have the daunting task of tracking this dudes family tree?

1.5m Chinese 'descendants of one man'

Giocangga was the grandfather of Emperor Nurhaci
Research into an unusually high prevalence of a particular set of genes in China has suggested that 1.5 million Chinese men are direct descendants of Giocangga, the grandfather of the founder of the Qing dynasty.

Giocangga's extraordinary number of descendants, concentrated mainly in north-east China and Mongolia, are thought to be a result of the many wives and concubines his offspring took.More.... (external - login to view)
Me bad! Yikes! sorry manda I completely forgot yur suppose to remind me....check your pms
Ipm sent
I didn't know you were into geneology peapod

My wife has been working at it for the last nine or ten years. She has my family traced back to the 1600s and her own family almost that far. She gets a lot from the LDS(morman) church resources. She also has some good sites in Britain as well as the ones you mentioned.
Yes I gots the bug bad for awhile...I tell ya its addicting Thank goodness for those mormons and their record keeping
My Grandma's niece did ours a few years ago, I was quite surprised how much info she accumulated. It is a cool thing to have, your family tree.

I thought the Mormn church has a family tree of a lot of people?

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