Video of my cat bathing

Google has a site where you can upload your videos for all the world to see.

I uploaded my cat Chunkey bathing. She isn't able to sit up and bathe like most cats. She lies down. She also has this habit of wobbling her head. You can see her do it when she's sits up.
Course it really may only be of interest to me......

my Cat Bathing

Reverend Blair
Pretty cool kitty, Twila. I tried to get Bailey to watch, but she was more interested in attacking the dogs.
Ocean Breeze
a cutie........(and mine approve. ---although Chayce distracted by the mouse pointer..

thanks for the Google service info. Looks good and will be worth a try.
Very should see our cat Kramer, try to bathe himself..he has problems with his cerebellum, and his depth-perception and balance are wayyyy off kilter. But boy does he get ticked if you laugh at him, even after 8 years

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